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Friday, December 16, 2011


Due to transport strike today I canceled my lessons for today and the students were understanding enough to concede. So I'm dedicating this day to household chores, cleaning and later on I will press the mountain of clothes,thankfully my husband did the shopping and so there's one less task in my to-do list.  But even when I do things I always leave our TV tuned in to Christian channel and this particular program midnight cry captured my attention. Of beautiful, young people recognizing and acknowledging the caring and humble GOD. How could some people be apathetic about the Great Love of GOD ? The All-Powerful Almighty GOD Who created all things, HE gave HIS only Begotten  SON to die for us. How could some people ignore HIS Great Sacrifice ? Honestly, I didn't get it before 1983 when I entered into my personal relationship with the LORD Jesus. But since then, HE has always guided and ordered my life-steps and it has always been an upward climb for me and our family although the path has not been always easy.
But this Praise, is very beautiful both to GOD, to all the angels and saints in heaven and even to our own souls and spirit. If it matters in heaven and to GOD , how can some people spend much of their time in unimportant things ? I wonder.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Auchan Porta Di Roma:A Mall In Rome Italy

Shopping mode: Christmas is approaching and we already need to start shopping for gifts for our loved ones. As expected, the mall especially the kid's toys section of the Auchan supermarket where we went was full both of shoppers and people,young and old! Auchan is one of the more popular malls in Rome center because it is surrounded by many residential areas. It is accessible by bus also, but since its location is at Rome's Entry Point (Porta  Di Roma )  it serves as a major landmark between the vast and more isolated area and the beginning of the city. Parking spaces for private vehicles are standard, much like the kind of underground parking that they have in a US mall where one has to make a lot of twists and turns before he can find a convenient space and the next thing to do is try to remember  the exact spot where you parked. Finding parking space can be stressful especially on weekends when most people and families go out together. As it is, Auchan fairly a small shopping center with only three levels. But I realize that one of the universal things is the mall setting, where they sell formal things in an elegant sense and stimulate the buying mood of the customer by providing many different forms of entertainment like the music, the designs of the store, even the behaviour  or manner of the vendors, promotions, catchy  ads etc. On this shooping day we spent almost a hundred Euros just for gifts for 4 kids. I think for the adults, we will have to find a cheaper option. For me, a mall like Auchan is just another destination to enjoy and shop with our family especially, for this CHristmas season. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Michele Bachmann:A Very Formidable US Presidential Candidate in 2012

There's a saying, when America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold. This is just another way of saying that we are generally affected by what happens in America and I think it's logical that we get concerned over the events there, like the coming Presidential elections in the year 2012. And among the contenders, there is one woman who dares to stand out and represent the critical convictions that will confront the American electorate,and may consequently make her or break her mainly as a politician. This early, many opposing forces in peculiar forms have already come her political pathway,like a little boy (apparently,trained or instructed by his lesbian mother to make a remark against Bachmann's anti-homosexuality stand). Who is Michele Bachmann? She is a Republican Congresswoman of a small Minnesota district.She's a tax lawyer who formerly worked with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). She believes that global warming is a hoax (I second the motion), and that BArack Obama is a socialist at heart and an anti-American (an issue to be expounded). She is against the teaching of evolution (monkey business), and she is also against gay marriages (love the person but not his sin).I guess,she is a very Brave dare-angel woman, unlike a 'typical' political candidate who might be willing to hinge his political platform on popular surveys. Her campaign is founded on quite unpopular personal principles,which converts her first political attempt to the U.S. presidency into a very risky battle.If I were an American,I would not only vote for her but I would also campaign and labor for her Presidential victory. In my opinion, Michele Bachmann is the rightful US President.Most Presidentiables would play on what American voters would like, but she dares to set the standards not based on her own.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crystal Lewis on Harvest Ministries

I always deliberately choose to watch only positive message programs.Things that will fill my mind only with positive information as it is a vital choice on my part.Our mind is the greatest weapon and most treasured part of our life and we should be wary of what we allow into it.In my case, I make it a choice not to watch crime or violence-filled films,even programs that promote promiscuity,fornication or negative conduct like those shown in Desperate Housewives.I very seldom read tabloids or newspapers because I avoid negative news.Of course,it is inevitable to see unpleasant or ugly scenes sometimes and I admit I also watch musical or wholesome shows or as I mentioned in my previous post,I'm also drawn to gossip just because I like watching the latest in fashion or updates even in technology,and the lifestyles of the rich.But with music,I also deliberately changed my taste, I choose positive music which in most cases only Christian music can deliver.Who ever said that only secular chaotic godless rock concerts can offer entertainment and enjoyment?I only wish that the length of time on my digicam afforded me to record also the part where the enormous audience was shown,practically almost the entire stadium was filled (sorry, all I know is that the venue was in California) .Anyway this youth concert is an annual event by Harvest Ministries of Pastor Greg Laurie,and this is where the top Christian musicians are featured.I really love each concert and it overwhelms me everytime I wish more, younger people can appreciate clean and positive and empowering music. It really helps the mind and our outlook in life,even regular listening to it.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sermon on Faith by Ptr. Michael Hopkins of ICF Rome

I 'm happy to have been able to attend 'mass' last Sunday with my family.Besides the very special debut celebration of Cristina,the message on faith by our brilliant Pastor Michael Hopkins (from Missouri USA) It has been another very meaningful Sunday for me as we couldn't attend church as often as we would like due to different reasons. But thankfully this last Sunday filled us spiritually and physically .We had a rich fellowship with our churchmates who are like our second family. Even the kids enjoyed and played so much,by the start of the third week they will have to perform a Christmas song 'Silent Night' and so I have to train my daughter  as they will only have one Sunday to rehearse before they show off. But the sad note is that we are going to miss our beloved Pastors Hopkins because they will be going back to their homeland USA,for seven months which hopefully passes quickly for all of us.We're really satisfied with our church,we are fed foremost spiritually and second,physically also and helped in times of (prayer) needs.