Monday, July 19, 2010


We celebrated our sixth year wedding anniversary yesterday at Hard Rock Cafe' at the Rome tourist belt area.Of course Italy is known for its delightful and fat-free cuisine but due to budget constraints we opted not for a fine dining.But the entire day was blessed with cheers and simple fatty dishes by Hard Rock but nevertheless served with kindness and sweetness by the young and handsome waiter.That is also good enough to make up for what might still be lacking to call it a memorable wedding anniversary.We were with my girlfriend Lala with whom I was teasing Alessandro our waiter just for fun.We finished our dinner with yet another greasy dessert hot fudge brownies.After that,we proceeded with some photoshoot outside the restaurant.As the American embassy is just a stone's throw away from Hard Rock, I also had my photo taken with it in the background.Well there's one more reason to Praise My GOD today.


Proactive Pro said...

What a beautiful daughter you have! Thank you for sharing this. God bless you and best wishes on your marriage. May God give you many, many, many more years together. Take care.

Race said...

I'm smiling when I read your post and I was thinking that you're blessed with a kind husband and an adorable kid. God bless always Jia and I wish you all the best in life, love, happiness and peace. I'm always here lang!

shakira said...

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