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Friday, April 10, 2009

Lunch Out

The other day I had some free time and went out with my friend and her very cute daughter Maris. We ate in a very nice, newly opened Filipino restaurant "Kusina Filipino" right in the center of Rome (Termini station) owned by Ate Mayet who is also very active in other income generating activities like real estate, networking products forever living etc. I first met her when I attended one of her forever living seminars, and I realize now that she is continually being blessed because of her humility and kindness. SHe was offered this business with the venue already fully equipped with all the kitchenwares and utensils, table chairs and cloths and everything, it seemed she only needed to step in and resume the operation. I really hope one day we can also open a similar business in the similar area.

We chose Kare-kare' from the menu and 'lechon kawali' and we were stuffed after the lunch.

Was stupid of me

I put it in the past tense to point out that I'm not a stupid character but everyone makes mistakes. Anyways as I'm apt to do whenever the weather is good or I have enough time I take my daughter for some stroll, some fun or quality outdoor time of sorts. We did some flea market shopping (fleamarket is open from 7am till 2pm) so, we bought goodfood (I miss goodfood Phils. hotdogs) , also a cheap pair of shoes only Euros 5., (the first cheap thing I saw in the fleamarket and I regretted having bought them because I eventually saw other nicer shoes), her little toothbrush (the third for her because she always wants to bring it to her daycare school and end up nowhere) and toothpaste for kid(her second-for same reason) she carried one plastic bag of carrots, she had put her dental hygiene stuff inside, as my hands were full thankfully she didn't ask to be carried herself.
We arrived home after 20 minutes (would have taken five minutes if we didn't have all those stuff to carry and I'd have carried her) but since her steps are little and she walks so slow, sometimes stopping to comment on anything, like the birds feeding on the ground etc. Immediately I cooked her lunch and fed her and then I cleaned our house as she played on her own and then I had the time to open the 'groceries' and when I checked the shoes to my surprise they were both right foot (or feet), the one is size 37 and the other size 38. Good thing they're the same color. We couldn't get back anymore because it was nearing time for my daughter to sleep and the time for the fleamarket to close. I'm not sure if those vendors will be back next week as vendors don't sell in the same place regularly. The cityhall gives them the permit and the choices of places where they can sell on particular weeks. So I'll hope for the best, even for Euros 5.
Well it happens. So I advise everyone to check the goods immediately after buying and not do as I did. OK. Anyways there are still very many things to PRAISE GOD for.GOD BLESS Everyone.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I've just created my new website dedicated to business or commerce, or more impersonal posts. JUST COMMERCE.
I hope everyone will find some useful informations on this new site, even if as of now I've only one entry about some products. OK. I'd also among other things would like to share some more photos I took at the park where the Rome Zoo is located. They're typical spring park sceneries which are appealing to me.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Good Day

Well today I got-up again at around 6:30 am,went to the nearby government health center and finally I was able to obtain the excemption card which I have to present to the clinic where I had my bloodtest yesterday so I wouldn't have to pay Euro 50 something. PRAISE GOD! I made it home in time as my daughter just woke up and so I gave her breakfast and tidied-up a little both the house and ourselves and I decided I would take her out to the zoo, some 40 minutes of commuting from our home. But when we arrived, there was a very long queue for the tickets Euro 10/head. As the skies were uncertain wether to show the full sun or no, I let her enjoy the sights of big fishes and turtles on the pond and also the big colored parrots and, to finish-off our very brief outdoor stint I bought her a big red bug balloon.

And last saturday morning we also took her to a horseride which she enjoyed. Tomorrow she'll spend her day with her uncle and auntie, since she will be the flowergirl for the wedding of my nephew-inlaw on May 27, they will buy her an elegant white dress fit for the occassion. So I could be free to do some other chores including some more X-ray and ultrasound scan. Just a routine general check-up.OK. PRAISE GOD.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nancy Harmon Love Specials

By choice and due to time constraints I'm usually on my own for most of days, of course ever engrossed with taking care of my family and at the same time working. As most working moms would be aware it's not easy but we all get by with GOD's Great Grace And Mercy.And that's how I face every single day. GOD always blesses us (my family, and yours) and it seems the blessings of GOD are ever increasing. Or maybe if you don't feel blessed enough, your blessings must exist somewhere still in the unseen realm but you just need to draw nearer to our GOD to get-hold of them. As it is the days don't seem to be long enough to contain all the tasks I have to do. So I hope I can find a means to manage my time better. Like today, I woke up at 6:30 am and rushed to the nearby medical center to file a request for exemptions (from paying government-subsidized medical services) which would save me hundreds of euros. But as I didn't want to waste time 3o mins. waiting for their opening, I tried to rush to the other nearby clinic for some more bloodtests which they did promptly and immediately. But I had to return home by 8am because my husband must go to work and our little daughter is still sleeping. So tomorrow I'll go to the government medical center for the exemptions request. All this day is filled with domestic chores and I practically didn't have time to take my daughter out for some fresh air and bubble games. By this time 3pm my daughter is sleeping and I could have been resting together with her but I have a mountain of clothes to finish ironing. So here I am nevertheless enjoying myself with Love Specials of the anointed minister and worship singer Nancy Harmon( while ironing clothes). She is a very Prestigious Christian worship icon, to me. I really am drawn to her.