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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This Little Child-Who Would HAve Thought

The daycare school that my child is attending is holding its Christmas party on the 22nd this month.Every parent is requested to participate wether in decorating the mini auditorium, or cooking something or a stage performance. I have resolved initially,as most parents understandably or expectedly did, to take part in the eating and cooking part. But even before signing the commitment papers,the cooking paper was almost filled up and it was such a shame that only 2 parents committed to risk ruining their 'images' and do some act or singing part. To that,one nice mother suggested that I also do some singing or acting . . . If I must do a stage performance,I prefer to spread GOD's Amazing love by singing this very beautiful, timely song entitled 'This Little Child'. And I humbly ask everybody to pray for me,that I may deliver the Message of GOD's Great Love in strongest terms.PRAISEs BE TO GOD.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Prosperous Princess

She is a very beautiful baroness,judging from her outward appearance you would opine that she's only 18 or twenty years old because she has the body structure of one,with long flowing,shiny black hair neatly kept back with her signature dark sunglasses.She is a perfect picture of beauty and elegance.But she is 54 years old and has two very beautiful children raised in London England, rubbing elbows with Princes Harry and William and the elite royal society and their acquaintances and friends.She jetsets through Europe{London and here in ROme} and America having residences in those prestigious territories. She doesn't worry about money,she can buy anything she wants.On one particular day, she spent more than a thousand Euros,shopping for signature items {bags,sunglass and silk clothing etc. . .} and her friend restrained her from spending more. Although there is no need for her to work and earn a living,she keeps herself busy by painting as it is her inborn talent. She is in the best shape of life,physically, financially and many other ways. May the LORD my GOD bless us with this kind of financial prosperity,as we Praise HIM for all the rest of the Blessings that HE continually bestows upon our family like HIS Health,Strength Peace Mercy and Grace.In the blood of JESUS CHRIST our GOD And SAVIOUR.Amen.To GOD BE The GLORY.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Neno's Award

This tag is from the same person who introduced me to blogging or more precisely ,to an online activity that can be an alternative income. Thank you so much Racel,you are an incredibly great person and friend.
Neno's Award
The Neno’s Award Rules and Regulations:

1. As a dedication for those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

2. To seek the reasons why we all love blogging.

3. Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.

4. Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.

5. Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

6. Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.

7. Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

I guess, I was attracted to blogging mainly for the revenue it promised,second;to use this as an instrument to propagate GOD's Love and Grace to us.I can't think of a good third reason.Sorry.But today has been another blessed and great day as the rest that have just passed and for this,I always thank and magnify the LORD JESUS.
I pass this on to EMie and Shimumsy.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pomegranate And Orange Trees

Patrizia's garden is located right in our neighbourhood,and the nice thing is that it's full of many fruit bearing trees and herbs that satiate our mouth. Pomegranate is a fruit that I've never encountered before in my life but I just learned that it also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals,as much as the orange fruit does. Patrizia takes very good care of the garden,as is obvious from the images.She also makes available for free to everyone, all the herbs like rosemary,laurel tree and basil. Her garden is also full of many different colorful flowers.
My visiting friends from the U.S, have also seen on a particular Rome street in another historical area, the long line of orange trees with ripe oranges
that have fallen on the ground.Or another area full of chestnut trees where the chestnuts were just being ignored by the people. It's a nice reminder to us,that Italy is a prosperous country,in GOD's rich Grace and Mercy.Praise The Lord. Amen.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tips On Raising A Smart Kid

With so much changes going on in our today's world, our children are ever exposed to more negative influences,even worse,unheard-of acts.We, as responsible parents should take a deliberate and pro-active and defensive stance against this issue.And what better way,than to instill 'smart' attitude early on in their life.

1. There is no better resource in raising an outstanding child than the biblical principles.
We as finite human beings have our own limitations and fragility,and more often than we realize we unconsciously commit behavioural mistakes or offenses that our children pick up without us,noticing.So the Word Of GOD or the Bible, must compensate in areas where we fail. Proverbs:6 says to "Train Up a child in the way he should go:and when he is old he will not depart from it." This is particularly true wether the training is a positive or a negative one,what we learn from our first years is carried throughout our lifetime,be it attitude or experiences.Let's rely on GOD's Word to guide the path of our children by,introducing them early on to it {the Bible}.

2. Like Mother,Like is the child.
Be An example.
No matter how hard you preach a sermon to your child,to try to correct him/her, if he sees the contrary in your own lifestyle and behaviour,most likely you are only wasting your energy.He will absorb what you show consciously or otherwise. So,be careful what you say and do especially in the presence of little ones and your child.

3. Give her the time of your day.
I can relate to parents,who have to work long hours and then come home to a place that still is filled with chores screaming to be done,like dirty plates {left in the morning rush,maybe?} and dirty mountain of laundry, and laundry that needs to be pressed, or to sum it up a total domestic mess.Sometimes,friends calling can still worsen the day's chores traffic --and then while you are trying your best to rush up the dinner so you can all go to bed early {because tomorrow is another day} your child will throw a tantrum to your get your attention. In this situation,we are tempted to ignore and shrug it up and try to finish what to our judgment are the more important chores.But your child should come first of all. Even in the midst of the seemingly domestically wartorn situation,when your child demands your undivided attention you should make her feel that she's the Priority and that she's the Most important.It's an opportunity for us to build up her self-esteem and self-confidence.Give her all ears even when she speaks,try to participate in her conversation. For a brief time,it doesn't hurt so much to 'neglect' domestic chores if the reason is loving your child.

4. Appreciate Your child. Pay her {Loads of compliments} even when she's just sitting and watching television.Find something through which you can throw her a compliment.Give her tons of hugs and kisses,touch maybe the strongest expression of your love,just as the original man Adam was created by the touch of the Potter's hand-unlike the rest of the creations which were made by the spoken word of GOD.

5. We are all GOD's children.No one child is superior to the other in GOD's eyes.And so,it should be in the eyes of your child.You should not instill ideas that may show her that she's superior or that others are inferior to her. I often say to my child,for example 'Bella is beautiful,just like you.'Or 'Bella is very kind just like you'.The only time that I say others are better than her,is when we see chubbier kids, I say she has grown more because she eats more. As it is,it's not so easy to feed my child or make her eat.
When other kids behave differently {negatively} explain to her why that gesture is not good,the same way that you must not directly and categorically accuse her with words 'you are bad' when she behaves unlikely {as many innocent children do} If you must reprimand her,don't humiliate her in front of others.

6. Be careful what she watches, on TV particularly.Our broadcast and print media seem to have run amuck or uncontrollable with information.In italian Tv for example,while we are watching a wholesome show, there would suddenly pop-up an ad unsuitable for kids, violent and sexual etc.And they don't seem to observe primetime rules,what they can show during certain hours of the day. Generally we opt for children friendly shows,cooking, wholesome, fashion, {but to be honest sometimes I can't resist watching gossip just because I like seeing the lifestyle of the rich and famous}.Otherwise we would be watching the children's educational and Christian programming by TBN Smile Of A Child or her favorite DVD films like Barbie series or timeless fables by Walt Disney like Cinderella and the like.

7. Dress her up very well wether indoor or outdoors,it gives her a sense of pride.When I was a little child,I used to feel inferior when I saw other children dressed up very well,and I,otherwise.

8. Instill in her a positive attitude by teaching her gratitude.To see the positive side of life,things to be thankful for Everyday.I pray out loud every night in her behalf,as if it was her, thanking the Lord JESUS for all the good things she received during the day.She's slowly picking that attitude now,in that on some nights she would recite the 'good things' of the day on her own.Amen.To GOD Be the Glory.
Well here are just some of the tips I realized on my own endeavor and from my own experience I hope that they were beneficial in many ways to many.GOD BLESS us all,Tremendously.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dr. Mark Schwarzbauer & Couples' Day Out

Our church ICF (International Christian Fellowship) recently hosted a romantic evening for all couples, at the lounge in our church, with our guest Pastor Mark Schwarzbauer at the helm of the event, and I guess he and his vey beautiful and sweet wife Jill will be staying with us until the first week of October after which time they will be cruising across Europe until they return to Florida USA their homecountry.


Pastor Mark who is also a Doctor in Psychology, discussed the elements that enhance the marriage relationship and yes, even the sexual part within the biblical standpoint.We enjoyed the candlelit and sumptuous dinner graciously served by volunteer members,every table was reserved with the couple's names.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Guru Creator:Matteo Cambi

Once in awhile we stumble upon stories that are not actually uncommon but nevertheless,remarkably haunting.Stories of people's experiences from which we may gather life lessons ..
Meet Matteo Cambi, the young designer/founder of Guru, a clothing/accessory line that caters to the younger generation, now also a recognized brand in Europe and some countries in Asia like Japan. He was born 32 years ago in Carpi Italy. He led a short-lived multi-millionaire lifestyle that started out in 1999 when he first registered his creation 'Guru' and it became a success shortly thereafter. He took advantage of the personal connections that he gained from hanging out often in the most prestigious venues or discotheques where the famous italian personalities and celebrities usually go. He started giving out his latest personal designs saying that they're limited edition thus, convincing the rich and famous people to wear his line. From then on, his business began to climb the ladder of financial success until he was able to buy his own private plane and helicopter,private yacht, buy the nicest cars like lamborghini,bentley,ferrari porsche, mercedes etc. , and live in many luxurious residences and villas.He also spent 2M for designer watches. He hired the best and highest paid photographer to do the commercial photography for Guru,paying Euros 1.2M just for 2 contracts.But almost as soon as he started accumulating such enviable amount of wealth,he also at the same time got entangled in the web of drug and cocaine addiction thus started the embezzlement of the company's funds.He would spend as much as Euros 10,000. euros for a single meal (obviously in the most extravagant restaurants and hotels) even if he hardly consumed anything, as he recounted when one's body is stuffed with drugs he would not feel hunger.On one interview he shared that his most recent unforgettable memory was when he saw an Ad of the latest model of Bentley;he was very anxious to get it immediately at all costs; after making numerous calls to many different car concessionaires he finally found the one that can deliver the car in the earliest possible time,which was the morning after that particular call. He decided right there and then to take his private plane and flew directly to Rome and practically waited outside the car concessionaire until its opening hours.
His financial heydays met their end around July of 2008, when he was arrrested and charged with a number of cases such as fraudulent bankruptcy,fictitious formation of stock corporation,illicit allocation of profits and stock reserves,undeserving restitution of stocks,false declaration of assets among others.
Now Matteo Cambi who has just been released from prison, claims to be recovering from his drug addiction and slowly regaining his ground in the fashion industry. No longer able to afford a financially extravagant lifestyle, he has just participated in a reality TV show 'Tribu' set in India. As it is,his (former) lifestyle might be what most of us have been dreaming of, and it is perfectly understandable and acceptable.But hopefully, his story drives upfront the lesson of GOD's teaching to us;although money in itself is not evil;The love of money, is. I Timothy 6:10

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Medical Appointment:Pointers

Health has always been an important issue both on national level and personal,more particularly these days when new viruses and diseases are being discovered.It's becoming a normal procedure for almost everybody (everywhere) to have a regular medical check-up.
Here are some useful pointers one should keep in mind when visiting the doctor for medical check-up.

1. Bring all your medications to your doctor,if you can't physically bring them, you may write them down so as to avoid double prescription or, the event wherein another doctor prescribes you the same generic medicine that you might be already taking.

2. Doctors in this modern era now use electronic medical record but even then, this supposedly high technology can only go as far as the input entered.And these inputs are supplied by the patient,you should inform your doctor of any surgeries you had in the past, or any medical problems you had, or if you're still seeing another physician for another treatment.

3. Most of us, reserve relevant and legitimate curiosities or questions but they somehow get crowded out by other things once we get on with the actual visit.A good doctor will always be available to answer whatever concerns you may have,but even then, you should consider that he/she also has other patients waiting after you, so you'll do well to list down and prioritize your questions so as to be able to maximize your visit. Keep in mind that the doctor himself will eventually ask you medical questions.

4. Bring somebody or a second person with you. Sometimes one can't remember all the important things that need to be done so it helps to have a friend or somebody, remind you.If you can't take down notes during the visit, have this company write them down for you

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cross At The Center of The Universe

This is the actual image at the very center of our universe,found at the core of the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)
Not long ago, a certain very young Pastor Louise who himself also, is a NASA/space enthusiast- preached in Spain about the incomprehensible enormity of our universe. It was a very eloquent message,very well explained and accompanied by his own actual visual collections from NASA. He articulately (however hard he tried to..) showed the vastness of GOD (more than that, the vastness of GOD's Love for us) . ...consider, at 60,000 or 70,000 ft. above the sealevel, all structures on earth's surface would hardly be visible through the naked eye, lowfast lamborghinis or ferraris, jetplanes,villas and mansions, the most luxurious malls and most importantly-people would seem inexistent. If you travel farther,beyond our own solar system or even outside our Milky Way galaxy, the Earth would seem to be only a dot.And men, you or me would be insignificant(or seemingly inexistent) size-wise. The universe, as most prestigious NASA researchers claim, is ever expanding. The wealth of cosmic wonders and beauty all function in perfect harmony and order. But, is it true that inspite of the vastness, and still expanding universe, life form only exists on earth? That no other planet is like our earth, with the crystal clear blue and green seas, rich fluvial forests,golden deserts, animal kingdoms, plant kingdoms?A planet dedicated and catering to life. It's as if, all the universe has been created for our (earth's) benefit. And yet, our LORD Jesus, Who has created all these things, contained Himself in human form, came to our earthhome to show GOD's Love.To save His own creation. GOD's Word says HE was slain from the foundation of the world. GOD may have marked the center of our universe with this cross, Before HE created or founded the world as a sign of HIS own love to us through the sacrifice of HIS own Only Son,Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins. To our GOD Be the Glory.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Redeemer Lives:Nicole C. Mullen

Today, we weren't able to attend the church worship.We contented ourselves in watching Christian programming on TV.Thankfully there is an italian version of Christian broadcasting TBNI where today they played this special music video by Nicole C. Mullen
(I couldn't find the original music video on youtube) but here's the equally spectacular performance of the renowned Christian music artist. Although Nicole C. Mullen personally composed this song
, all the words of this song are found in the bible (meaning,every context is true literally). Need I elaborate on the Truths that accompany this melody?There is a GOD Who loves me and you.Who Proved HIS love by dying on the cross to pay for my sin and your sin, so that we wouldn't be judged guilty and condemned.
(Why, would you wonder?Even our secular society implements laws that punish the violators/criminals.Even so,there exist heavenly standards)
But how great is this Love? I guess (or definitely!) nobody would ever comprehend in this lifetime but let this song somehow try to convey the vastness of HIS Mercy and Love. The One Who created the entire universes,stooped down to our earthly level to save us.

GOD BLESS, everyone of us Tremendously.

PostScript: For those who might appreciate the lyrics of My Redeemer Lives

Who taught the sun where to stand in the morning?
And who told the ocean you can only come this far?
And who showed the moon where to hide till evening?
whose words alone can catch a falling star?

Well I know my redeemer lives
I know my redeemer lives
All of creation testifies
this life within me cries
I know my redeemer lives

The very same God
that spins things in orbit
runs to the weary, the worn and the weak
and the same gentle hands that hold me when I'm broken
they conquered death to bring me victory

Now I know, my redeemer lives
I know my redeemer lives
let all creation testify
that this life within me cries
I-I-I know
my redeemer

He lives
to take away my shame
and he lives
forever I'll proclaim
the amount of pain that bought my sin
was the precious life He gave
and now he's alive and
there's an empty

And I know
my redeemer lives
I know
my redeemer lives
let all creation testify
that this life within me cries
I-I-I know my redeemer

I know
my redeemer lives
I know my redeemer lives
I know my redeemer lives
He lives
He lives
*I spoke with him this morning!*
He lives
*I'm gonna tell everybody

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Ark (L'Arca) Private Beach Resort; Rome


The Ark (L'Arca; in italian) is the name of the private beach resort where we went (it's a common culture for westerners to take their children to the beach for a breathe of the iodine-rich sea breeze,during summers) recommended time for sunbathing is from 8:30am until 11am,beyond this time the sun's rays become harmful to skin health. So, we had to rise-up at 6:30am and take a quick sip of capuccino and biscuits and dress-up and practically drag my little daughter out of her crib. I wrapped her with a thin sheet when we were going out to protect her from the cold morning air. Poor little one, she was only able to take a small croissant after one and a half hours,upon arriving at the beach, after me,putting on cream on her.
I took a brief video of the pre-lunch activity led by the young staff (volunteers) of The Ark (wearing red shirts as uniform with 'staff' printed on the back of the shirt).Apparently these youngsters which come from different italian provinces (I've heard of one group that came from Montova) are parish youth members, doing some mission particularly for the elderly. They are highly trained and corteous and disciplined and helpful to everyone,young and old alike. They serve the clientele in ways one might not have expected, like putting on cream on the body, assisting older people in swimming on the beach, entertaining the beachgoers with serenades, carrying tables or chairs where needed, assisting with the games (again, for the old and young alike), organizing a dance and beauty contest or simply being available for some small chat and laughs. Apart from the satisfactory personalized customer services, they also serve affordable and very delicious,fresh complete meals.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Rome Streets and Sceneries

This is the long road that leads to a residence where I regularly conduct private lessons to 3 beautiful kids. This is Via Rosseou along Nomentana. It is found in the midst of a peaceful minipark overlooking a main highway where many commodity shops sit.

Picture no. 1 Shows the rearview of our community church called Santa Assunta which is a few minutes on-foot from our house, and situated just across a supermarket. Adjoined with the church is this spacious sports area catering to the parish youth.

Picture no.  2 Shows a picturesque area of a big garden / park where the Rome Zoo is located

Picture no.  3.  Is the tranquil garden at our backyard where little children usually play and bike around with their parents. I like our peaceful neighbourhood.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Blessed Birthday

We have celebrated our daughter's third birthday, it has been another milestone in our family life. I know 'milestone' is a big word for a simple and normal human interrelations. But, for one who came from a below-poverty stratum of a third world country, and who has never celebrated and never received birthday gifts as a young child, this indeed is a red-letter day! She received many beautiful gifts from people with whom we celebrated her last 2 birthdays. Alessandro and Elena the newly-wed couple for whose wedding my daughter was a flower girl in white, gave her a complete plastic set of musical instruments trombone,drumset,maraccas and cymbals. I gave her a plastic guitar and her father gave her microphone as she loves to sing. Her beloved Aunt and Uncle gave her a beautiful moving and musical airplane filled with passengers, and their son-inlaw's parents gave her two educational animals books, purple winter jacket and purple long- sleeved dress,her fatherside 'grandmother', having left early to spend her summer vacation outside of Rome, was also the first to give her a white dress which, we were instructed was to be worn on the day of her birthday, Fabrizio and Michele (with their 2-month old liitle baby) gave her a big writingboard with all the different types of coloring (pentel, pastel and crayon). We all enjoyed the momentous night specially the part when she entered on her beloved uncle's arms with her birthday cake and the garden was lit by her birthday candle on the cake while we all sang to her. That night added another joy  to our hearts, we finished at a little past midnight. We went home to our respective addresses, my daughter as soon as she climbed the bed, played some offkey tune on her trombone and slept hugging her plastic trombone which she then played again,immediately upon waking-up,this morning. This day is another blessedj day for our family and I Always Praise my GOD for HIS Goodness and Mercy and Might, through Jesus our Saviour and Lord.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SEO,Keywords, whatnot

When I started this blog I intended something through which I can make known GOD's Mercy and Might in my personal and family life. Along the (information high-)way, I have learned the different factors that have effect in "blogging" mainly SEO's, keywords and other tools that drive traffic (and therefore, higher revenue s) to the blog publisher. Due to financial motives,I have been tempted to delete entirely this blog and set-up a new format which might draw more traffic, but I remembered the purpose and the pact of this site so I settled emphatically in my mind that come heaven and high waters I must keep on keeping on with this, even though I find it hard to update more often or regularly the posts. 

As I was watching 'The Embassy of GOD' , I listened to Pastor Sunday Adelaja (of african origin, whose church is the most attended or largest Christian congregation in Ucraine); as he interviewed a certain Pastor Bob (I didn't get the interviewee's last name, sorry). Pastor Bob was recounting of a vision from GOD, of a shooting, big rock. The meaning being, that the Kingdom of GOD is manifesting on earth, in a faster way then GOD gave him a name of a Pastor John Sloan in Florida USA,  of whom he never heard or seen before. Upon contacting Pastor Sloan (after 8 or nine times of calling.. .) as he was about to hang-up, Pastor Sloan answered  the phone. He introduced himself and Pastor Sloan said that GOD gave him exactly the same vision and the same meaning of the vision.

I believe GOD is always involved in every aspect of our lives, we might be awed at how vast beyond comprehension (and still, expanding) our universe is, the the billions of vast galaxies, the billions and billions of stars including the sun; and everything functioning in perfect order (for us); nevertheless HE sees each one of our little hearts, our needs, our cries, our laughters and pain. I never cease to be amazed at the awesome Glory of GOD, HIS tender heart towards this feeble being as I am.But Through HIS mercy I am able to rise up, everytime.Even, at the lowest moment.Everytime.  HE is Here.With you.With me. Through Jesus my GOD and Saviour, to whom be Glory and Honour forever.Amen.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Italian Immigration

It has been sometime now that I've been collecting menu or italian recipe magazines because I've been trying to straighten out our eating habits. But I rarely have time to cook any of the recipes, 24 hours never seem to be enough to do all the chores a working mother needs to do for her family and beyond. All days tire me, all the new chores as a mother completely changed my lifestyle from a liberal person free to do whatever and whenever. It seems to be a lifestyle-shock for me.When I was single, I used to work and slEEp (eat some, also). Now, every minute is counted (and not even enough, if let's say I feel the need to rest for hours, I simply can't allow that as the rest of the domestic chores are staring at me waiting to be done). GOD, I pray that YOU strenghten me more, physically and spiritually and mentally.I thank my GOD Who is always beside me to uphold me otherwiseI would have collapsed under the pressures.  Thankfully, my very kind sister-inlaw 'borrowed' again my daughter for 3 days so to give me some breather. I also am due to have my italian citizenship, tomorrow I have to retrieve the official document from the immigration office. I don't know if there will be an oathtaking although 1 public official told me and another also told me that swearing will accompany this retrieval. Should I dress like in a ball? Should I be alone? Should I record on film this momentous occasion?

The italian government is not so systematic and that's also true even with beaurocracy. Most important offices do not function regularly, like the immigration office is open only during tuesdays and thursdays from 9 til 12 noon, and also most government offices  serve the public during the morning, or only for a limited time or a limited number of days.Outrageous.

It has been learned that Bill Gates' Microsoft and the Yahoo internet company recently merged together to combat the Google search engine.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Jackson: A Lesson For Us

The secular world has been recently gripped with the sad news of Michael Jackson's passing away. Apparently he is the historic music icon who earned the highest revenue or income, in the music industry. He has been praised and still is being praised for his extraordinary musical talent, all over the world. Being so, he has many fans around the globe, who all seemed to have stampeded to the music records/CDs shops to get a copy of any of- or, his last album, that in a matter of minutes or hours, the sales of MJ's Cds have skyrocketed to astronomical heights, and the same situation is true for his programmed concert tickets in England. (Consider the headache of concert organizers who must have spent millions of pounds in the hope of tripling their investments-but now they have to or must-refund the costs incurred for this aborted concert event) . He could have used this financial gesture of fans had it been done earlier, before his untimely death. To pay for his domestic bills. Having watched many of his performances on TV, it can be honestly concluded that the world has never known a pure and original and extraordinary talent as MJ. But, there is another side to this, thankfully maybe one can consider a lesson. We may start with a simple and honest curiousity; why or how, inspite of his fame, influence and financial superiority, did he end up isolated from society, from his own family and friends, from himself and worst of all --(we hope not) from his CREATOR, my GOD? And this is the same question we can or must ask ourselves, we don't even have to wait for life's edge to show its ugly face. What really counts? Is it really having much money? How many well-to-do people have committed suicide? Is it fame? Kurt Cobain, of the world famous Nirvana, was at the height of his music career too, when he ended his life. Hollywood pretends that crimes and drug troubles are sweet and normal to a lifestyle of fame and fortune. History rings loud and clear, and repeats what the LORD has said "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" Mark 8:36 'Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.' John 14:27. Everything we are looking for can be found in Christ. All the things that matter most in life. Peace above all. I too, was lost before. I found Christ and HE turned my life around. I may not be famous as MJ, I may not have half of the money he used to possess, I may not know all the famous people, or the admiration of the world. Nevertheless I got the best. In this life and the next. Peace and my LORD JESUS to whom be Glory forever and ever. Amen.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today we had the chance to take our daughter to the nearby mall and she had the grand time playing in the big playpen. Seeing her relate to many different children in a nice way-not reprehensible, it gives us satisfaction. There were also a few little bullies with her but they mainly bullied the bigger kids (6, 7 years old) but nevertheless it's always ugly seeing or dealing with bullies. I have seen a very young boy of 6 years (I heard him mention it) mention ugly curses that he may have had very little understanding of, he must have 'learned' it in his own home. And even another girl a bit bigger than him, bully him yet again. And I fear that in the future my daughter will inevitably have to deal with this kind of difficulty, she might have to face 'difficult' people and I do not know how to prepare her or set the strong psychological foundation for her. But I Know my GOD Will help us as HE ALWAYS HAS. So far, her nursery teachers only have usual praises and compliments for her 'excellent' behaviour uncommon for kids her age. She has almost everything that she needs things like nice toys, clothes and many shoes, more importantly love, attention and intelligence and self-esteem or self-confidence. The things I rarely used to have when I was a child. A very happy childhood she's having, I must say. But I realize now GOD has paid me for EVERYthing that I lacked when I was growing up. Through my daughter. It's just like returning to my past as a child and having everything I missed then, Now.I thank My GOD who is All-Wise and Merciful and has not forgotten to 'repair' my unhappy past even if maybe, I didn't consciously ask for it (but GOD knew I needed to be healed emotionally). SO Again and Again, TO My GOD Be The Glory.Amen.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Happy Teachers

I have just arrived at work, already 15 minutes late because I had to stop at the post office to send my monthly remittance to my family in the Philippines.As soon as I arrived I quickly plunged myself at the swivel and logged in here to internet to check my blog and would like to thank some new 'friends' who cared to 'follow' this humble endeavour. I am currently also facing a window overlooking a professor at work in his class (most probably some sort of engineering review class as our office\language school is adjacent to another degree review center but then I'm not so familiar with the college educational system of Italy) . Fortunately Maria (teaching German\English) one of our language teachers and another French friend Laetithia are available that means some students have yet to arrive and I would still be free to scribble something in a rush. (They must be also murmuring at the other room against this unethical work practice but as it is, oblivion is my first and second name so I couldn't care less, although they're my nice friends) And so As it is, I am dreaming to have more guts one day to be able to face a whole class of (italians, at that) students. I used to have a chronic case of inferiority complex during my adolescent years and I Praise My GOD that HE Brought me through this phase in my life where (now) I also have the opportunity to face a (class) of four bonafide lawyers who work at the office of the University President (ROme 3 University in Via Ostiense), at the Law Faculty, so that gives me a sense of how far GOD has brought me in my personal life. Aside from the fact that we (language teachers) deal with high profile people ( businessmen, bank executives, italian parliament officers, media journalists and on and on..) on a daily basis. I also sent this morning a message to another media littlewig (not big-) cancelling our lesson for tomorrow since I have another appointment with the doctor for the analysis of all the tests I have done (blood, ultrasound and xray) I Praise GOD Again that all the tests resulted good.I'm healthy as a fish (they say here in italy- 'sano come un pesce') I don't know if there's a saying equivalent to that in American or english but the main thing is that GOD has blessed my family's health. HE is so good and merciful. To GOD Be the GLory.
I have to logout and pause at this point as I want to have my usual capuccino and croissant at the bar downstairs.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lunch Out

The other day I had some free time and went out with my friend and her very cute daughter Maris. We ate in a very nice, newly opened Filipino restaurant "Kusina Filipino" right in the center of Rome (Termini station) owned by Ate Mayet who is also very active in other income generating activities like real estate, networking products forever living etc. I first met her when I attended one of her forever living seminars, and I realize now that she is continually being blessed because of her humility and kindness. SHe was offered this business with the venue already fully equipped with all the kitchenwares and utensils, table chairs and cloths and everything, it seemed she only needed to step in and resume the operation. I really hope one day we can also open a similar business in the similar area.

We chose Kare-kare' from the menu and 'lechon kawali' and we were stuffed after the lunch.

Was stupid of me

I put it in the past tense to point out that I'm not a stupid character but everyone makes mistakes. Anyways as I'm apt to do whenever the weather is good or I have enough time I take my daughter for some stroll, some fun or quality outdoor time of sorts. We did some flea market shopping (fleamarket is open from 7am till 2pm) so, we bought goodfood (I miss goodfood Phils. hotdogs) , also a cheap pair of shoes only Euros 5., (the first cheap thing I saw in the fleamarket and I regretted having bought them because I eventually saw other nicer shoes), her little toothbrush (the third for her because she always wants to bring it to her daycare school and end up nowhere) and toothpaste for kid(her second-for same reason) she carried one plastic bag of carrots, she had put her dental hygiene stuff inside, as my hands were full thankfully she didn't ask to be carried herself.
We arrived home after 20 minutes (would have taken five minutes if we didn't have all those stuff to carry and I'd have carried her) but since her steps are little and she walks so slow, sometimes stopping to comment on anything, like the birds feeding on the ground etc. Immediately I cooked her lunch and fed her and then I cleaned our house as she played on her own and then I had the time to open the 'groceries' and when I checked the shoes to my surprise they were both right foot (or feet), the one is size 37 and the other size 38. Good thing they're the same color. We couldn't get back anymore because it was nearing time for my daughter to sleep and the time for the fleamarket to close. I'm not sure if those vendors will be back next week as vendors don't sell in the same place regularly. The cityhall gives them the permit and the choices of places where they can sell on particular weeks. So I'll hope for the best, even for Euros 5.
Well it happens. So I advise everyone to check the goods immediately after buying and not do as I did. OK. Anyways there are still very many things to PRAISE GOD for.GOD BLESS Everyone.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I've just created my new website dedicated to business or commerce, or more impersonal posts. JUST COMMERCE.
I hope everyone will find some useful informations on this new site, even if as of now I've only one entry about some products. OK. I'd also among other things would like to share some more photos I took at the park where the Rome Zoo is located. They're typical spring park sceneries which are appealing to me.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Good Day

Well today I got-up again at around 6:30 am,went to the nearby government health center and finally I was able to obtain the excemption card which I have to present to the clinic where I had my bloodtest yesterday so I wouldn't have to pay Euro 50 something. PRAISE GOD! I made it home in time as my daughter just woke up and so I gave her breakfast and tidied-up a little both the house and ourselves and I decided I would take her out to the zoo, some 40 minutes of commuting from our home. But when we arrived, there was a very long queue for the tickets Euro 10/head. As the skies were uncertain wether to show the full sun or no, I let her enjoy the sights of big fishes and turtles on the pond and also the big colored parrots and, to finish-off our very brief outdoor stint I bought her a big red bug balloon.

And last saturday morning we also took her to a horseride which she enjoyed. Tomorrow she'll spend her day with her uncle and auntie, since she will be the flowergirl for the wedding of my nephew-inlaw on May 27, they will buy her an elegant white dress fit for the occassion. So I could be free to do some other chores including some more X-ray and ultrasound scan. Just a routine general check-up.OK. PRAISE GOD.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nancy Harmon Love Specials

By choice and due to time constraints I'm usually on my own for most of days, of course ever engrossed with taking care of my family and at the same time working. As most working moms would be aware it's not easy but we all get by with GOD's Great Grace And Mercy.And that's how I face every single day. GOD always blesses us (my family, and yours) and it seems the blessings of GOD are ever increasing. Or maybe if you don't feel blessed enough, your blessings must exist somewhere still in the unseen realm but you just need to draw nearer to our GOD to get-hold of them. As it is the days don't seem to be long enough to contain all the tasks I have to do. So I hope I can find a means to manage my time better. Like today, I woke up at 6:30 am and rushed to the nearby medical center to file a request for exemptions (from paying government-subsidized medical services) which would save me hundreds of euros. But as I didn't want to waste time 3o mins. waiting for their opening, I tried to rush to the other nearby clinic for some more bloodtests which they did promptly and immediately. But I had to return home by 8am because my husband must go to work and our little daughter is still sleeping. So tomorrow I'll go to the government medical center for the exemptions request. All this day is filled with domestic chores and I practically didn't have time to take my daughter out for some fresh air and bubble games. By this time 3pm my daughter is sleeping and I could have been resting together with her but I have a mountain of clothes to finish ironing. So here I am nevertheless enjoying myself with Love Specials of the anointed minister and worship singer Nancy Harmon( while ironing clothes). She is a very Prestigious Christian worship icon, to me. I really am drawn to her.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Try Fucothin

Many western people are desperate to have a slim figure and they try to find many ways to lose weight often with no or very little positive outcome. Perfect weight America has come up with the most effective slimming product that costs much less at the same time. I would vehemently advise everybody who desperately desires an enviable figure to Try Fucothin. Personally I would have tried it if I didn't need to gain some more weight.I weigh a dangerous 41 kilos. As it is, my iron level is found (in the recent blood analysis that I had), to be lower than the normal which is 60 for my age bracket (mine is just 26 something) so consequently I have to consume food with high iron level like legume, horse meat, red meat etc. But now I must be gradually approaching the normal iron level as I have been eating more, since I discovered my iron deficit. So happy slimming everyone!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jolly Roger Hotel

We were in Anaheim California a few years back, for the express purpose of experiencing Disneyland in Los Angeles California. And we stayed in this modest Jolly Roger Hotel for 3 days, near the world famous theme park. It is just some 10 to 15 minutes on foot to Disneyland Anaheim California. The nightly rate is reasonable and the service is fairly good. It had been an unforgettable experience , as I practically never had a happy childhood (my parents had no jobs, no money, no (special) gifts nor celebrations on special occassions, no regular decent meal to offer THEN or during those days, ..) humiliation and scorn used to be our daily portion. BUT GOD changed our situation and even gave this opportunity to 'go back as it were' to my childhood. We went on kiddie rides and we were together with small kids screaming our lungs-out in the river ride that went up and down a very high artificial mountain. But we never had the guts to try the cyclone, or at least my husband because I already tried its equivalent in Enchanted Kingdom (Philippines). I also saw for the first time there the (then-modern) monocycle which some big malls or supermarkets here in Italy, has just started using. Well here's some reminiscing and some hopes to whom it may concern.

Monday, March 23, 2009


After my first lesson at nine am with a very nice italian lady Civil Engineer Evelina, I tried to have some hot chocolate from the vending machine and I had asked my colleague Larissa for some coins. But the vending machine technician was present re-loading the machine and he gave me a cup of chocolate for free (cost: 50 eurocents). I get a sweet wink of love from my Great GOD, through this.I also wanted to transfer in a lesson cubicle near the window so I can have the best view of sunlight and open air, these days I feel the need for some more bright sunlight and bright skies. Mentally or psychologically, and physically. Everything is getting better. PRAISE GOD!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Better Days Ahead

It is obvious that the warm season is gradually approaching. The cold season has been turbulent episode particularly for little children. The crossover from cold season to warm (winter to spring) is characterised by rains, cold winds blowing and melancholic gray skies. But the good thing is that spring is nearing summer. Which means getting rid of flu, cough and colds which usually accompany winter.
Well I had a photo taken in the pizza house near my workplace. The pizzagirl wih me is Annelina, a perfect epitome of a good customer service. She can make the sternest client smile without even trying. She has this natural charm, an excellent sense of humor and a very friendly attitude. They also make the bestest white pizza with zucchini, in rome as far as I'm concerned.
On the other photo is my very lovable young student. I can say, that I love this sweet girl very much. Once, she risked herself,criss-crossing through the passing cars just to stop the bus that I was supposed to take. At another time, we walked in the nearby bus terminal together hoping to get on a common bus, but we ended up on separate buses and sending handwaves and flying kisses through the buswindows as our buses were going separate ways.She is a very sweet and naive girl. The multi-holed building in the background is actually the congress building but they call it cheese. As Always GOD has been blessing the days for us. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. AMEN.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NATO, Politics and Economy

I didn't realise that working as an English teacher can also involve being aware of current events issues. These days I have been having lessons with a NATO administrative employee who might be bound to work in the NATO office in Munich Germany. He usually prefers to practice his english communication skills so we get to discuss topics relevant to his imminent job transfer. In particular he is involved in processing industrial contracts for the manufacture or production of NATO's recent two fighter planes project European Fighter Aircraft (Eurofighter 2000) and the other older model Tornado.He was kind enough to give me documents relative to this project, in which I'm also very interested . I have been learning interesting things about this particular project especially how the share distribution and funds allocation are subdivided between the member countries, the logistics, the contrast of specs of the two projects and an infinity of other interesting informations.
On the other hand, I have the same situation with this professional economist student of mine who usually prefers to discuss political and economic topics, and so I have to make efforts in keeping myself informed of the current event issues particularly in the European territories or Italy. Among other things we get to discuss the ongoing media (print and broadcast) revolution wherein the public interaction and participation are involved. As it is, it's not easy to find the time for all the things I should do. Like taking care of domestic chores, groceries, cleaning, ironing clothes, taking care of my child and my husband's needs, cooking washing the dishes etc. Add to this preparing lessons, surfing the internet for things that aid me in my work. I barely have time to call and chat with my friends. Nevertheless I am very grateful to my GOD because I am Aware that it was HE who has put me in this blessed position, a job I consider perfect for me, in every aspect. I PRAISE MY GOD for all the blessings HE keeps pouring into our lives.TO GOD BE THE GLORY! AMEN.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


There's an old saying 'When in Rome do as the romans' which practically means nothing.
Or maybe the romans or italians in general are a peculiar people in many differect aspects. For one, they more sensitive to the needs of other pèople, a very generous and hospitable people. They are also generally highly cultured and diplomatic. Ethical standards are very prime to them.
Let me suggest another good aspect of Rome, it may be the most attractive and popular tourist destination in the world. So when in Rome, I can suggest to hire the transport services offered by Alfa Service Rent A car. Not only do they offer low rent rates, they also have corteous and very presentable (translated:young and handsome) personnel. They have a range of different transportation vehicles like van, secure cars, elegant or sportive cars all equipped with navigation systems. Mercedes, Lancia, Opel Astra, Renault Megane, SmartmFortwo are some of the cars they offer for rent. One can rent on long a term or short term basis.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good Customer Service

On weekends we usually sleep longer, but today I woke up an hour earlier because I decided to go to church alone, since it's not a so-bright shining day. I prepared and cooked my family's lunch, gave my daughter her vitamins and breakfast, changed her diaper and cleaned her. The off I went.

After church I passed by this nice cosmetics shop Bottega Verde located in the subway underground commercial malls . It's because, last month I bought some beauty products here
mascara, press powder and lipstick. I opted for this brand because their products are based on natural components and natural herbs. And it's light on the skin, unlike the heavy liquid make-ups. On top of all, they are offering their products on 50 % discount at this period. I would have preferred Clinique products which are also skin friendly but they cost more. So when I was paying I found only 20 something (Euros) in my wallet and I was supposed to pay an already 50 % discounted amount of Euro 24. SO I promised to return and give the balance even if I don't know when I could do so. She was very kind to oblige. Being a working mother I rarely have time to do leisure activities nor go elsewhere without considering my packed schedule, even on a Sunday. So here I am after more than one month with a few strict minutes to spare- because this shop is in this subway train station where I happened to pass as I was going to and returning from the church. I approached the sales personnel in green T-shirt which might be visible somehow through this small photo. As sincerely as I explained the reason for this Euro 2.70 that I was giving her, she corteously declined and said everything was OK. I thank GOD for the kind service extended not only to me. Not so much for the Euro 2.70 I got to keep, but for the unusual kindness. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. AMEN.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Etcetera II

bukku-bukku? en-zhwen? ngo-lieu shushu.This fast french nose/lingual acrobacy is both fascinating and interesting to me. Vincent and Alexandra-and Giusy I learned to like and they're really very nice. There is one new which might challenge my undisputable patience, a french speaking italian girl who I usually catch studying me from head to foot in a blink of an eye.It's OK. I have oblivion for a nickname.

On my way to my morning lesson I deliberately dropped on the street my used bus ticket so as not to confuse with my other tickets (the correct social rule is that I should have thrown it inside the thrash container) After more than one hour, as I was traversing the same way, back I saw this new looking ticket, assuming that it was a new ticket I picked it up (as I was able to find, a few times in the past -an unused ticket on the streets. Then I recognized it was the same ticket I threw earlier. So I kept it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


- Today is a busy day. The staff is in full force everyone is busy with somebody, in their lesson cubicles.

- Just 5 minutes ago I was eating (an early) lunch with the very young, very beautiful and kind French teacher Alexandra, at 11:30 noon. Italians usually have lunch at 2pm.

- Yesterday I (we) arrived 14 minutes late in fetching our daughter from the daycare school, due to traffic and some rain. Her teachers, strangely didn't make any violent reactions, unlike 2 weeks ago when I arrived ONE minute late. Today they even complimented that she always finishes her plate. This morning I was expecting a harsh reprimand or comment, but they were all heartmelting-ly corteous and smiling.

Another thing that irks her teacher is when I call to ask how everything is going. She has reasons to be offended but sometimes I cant't help acting on mother's instinct.
After taking her to the daycare school I proceeded to my private lessons (tutoring) in the most prestigious residential area of rome Parioli. My student is a very rich jewish media 'littlewig' (and not bigwig) a respectable family man with three adorable kids the youngest-being a 15 month old blond boy. As usual we spent the first ten minutes with a simple advance level english exervises and then we proceeded to discussing a relevant topic (the morality of embryonic stem cell technology) Last time his interest was whet with the issue of immigration and media abuse.
Azzurra jsut passed by where I'm seated(reception area). She's also a very rich interior decorator who has travelled the world and recently invested in a 1000 sqm lot property located just near to the cristal clear blue waters of atlantic beach in Puerto Rico. (Puerto I suppose is the spanish for an 'opening' or port or door and rico means rich. Because Puerto or porta in spanish and italian respectively means door.

MAria (German teacher) just approached here so I asked her how to operate the mp3 with the little speakers-whether or not I have to plug it to electricity.I'm imitating this revolutionary new teaching technique where some teachers here store their lessons or (english songs) in mp3 and they use it with their lessons.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Rainbow and The Star

It usually happens that when I think of something, it eventually 'manifests', like last week for some reason I thought of rainbow and it reminded me of GOD's pact or promise with humankind that HE will never again destroy the earth with flood. Then just this Wednesday, as we were fetching our daughter from the daycare school I saw a very beautiful rainbow, actually I already saw it on my way (as I was inside the bus). I wanted my daughter to see it also (their daycare is called rainbow also) but the many trees blocked the beautiful sight that she wasn't able to see. Then I asked or thought where the rainbow ends, the next day the photogallery section of a local rome newspaper featured a photo of a (sta fe) californian fisherman fishing in this river.Where the rainbow ended.
Another thing is that I'm also fascinated by stars specially the biggest and brightest the comes out the first, at the first sign of darkness. I wondered what the name of that star was. Then yesterday, as I was doing the lesson with Luke II we came across an article where it mentioned its name (sirius) or If I remember more correctly from other previous article it is Ceres. I know some people may interpret this phenomena as some sort of telepathy, but to me it's GOD's simple way of telling me that HE hears my heart. I am Absolutely sure of this. I could enumerate all GOD's answers to my prayers but time and space limit me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today I had to start out the day earlier than usual and through the rush I honestly forgot to take some pocket money (for lunch and transport ticket). I thank GOD that I took my husband' s lunchpass (a sort of ticket accepted in certain commercial establishments as a form of payment). But they dont accept it in the pizzaparlor where I usually eat, I tried with other food stores but to no avail. Finally I came to one supermarket and they accept it but they have no pizza (my usual lunch) so I settled for a coke-incan, ritters sport chocobar and potatoe chips then the cashier asked me for additional money because I exceeded the amount in the lunch pass so I had to admit in front of the cashier and everybody waiting in line behind me, that I have brought no money. The only thing I can be ashamed of is if I did something wrong like shoplifting. Then later, as I was going for an outdoor assignment I realized I was at risk of being caught without busticket (which might mean paying Euro 100 fine) I was also tempted of climbing-over the subway train's separation 'fence' (as I have successfully done a number of times before even with bigbrother cameras poked all over) , so as to avoid spending or punching the only and last ticket on my jungled bag. I always pray. I am always oblivious when I'm solitary because it is my chance to talk to GOD, especially when I'm travelling. I rarely have time to think of anything else, as a wise advice says 'Why worry when you can Pray'. GOD ALWAYS comes to 'rescue' me many, many, many, Many Times. Just like this afternoon as I punched the last ticket I prayed to GOD to give me a person that can help me or give me at least Euro 1 to buy a transport ticket. The next breath and step led me to a nice acquaintance who I really rarely see. The last time we met was when her sister invited me to their family reunion last summer August (which parts I also filmed and posted here in the older) . As embarassing as it was, it was clearly GOD's answer to my sigh of prayer so I asked her rather shyly and apologetically if she can lend me Euro 1 (with explaining on the sides, why..) Isn't GOD just wonderfully merciful and Great in kindness and love? AGAIN, I MUST PRAISE AND GLORIFY MY GOD IN JESUS' NAME Amen.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nature's Hospital Health Products!

I usually watch the Trinity Broadcasting Network (Christian channel) and it was where I saw this amazing natural health supplement called Nature's Hospital. I don't consider myself a gullible person. I trust that this product is what it claims to be, as many of the people who took this also testified of its positive effects on their health. It is specially effective against many common skin and age problems, also for helping improve memory functions of both children and adults. The company also gives many helpful health advice and their marketing is very transparent ( relating to the substance contents of the product) unlike a particular so-called curative ionized water that supposedly originated from Utah that is freely being marketed in the Philippines and I suppose elsewhere, but there is no means of verifying the validity of this product, legally and content-wise.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


This instead is the daylight and night view of our backyard, overlooking the mini park where children usually play ball. Just two weeks ago the environmental maintenance cut the trees again allowing our kitchen with welcome warmth of sunlight.
Anyways today GOD saved the day for me, in sparing me time for cooking and preparing for this new working week. My very, very goodhearted sister-inlaw (with her goodhearted husband) like they always do dropped by to bring us yummy homemade treats (like fettucini pasta, crunchy biscuits, meatballs with all the works and roastmeat) while this morning my daughter's grandmother who lives a few blocks from us called for me to pick up the homemade cake she baked mainly for my daughter (and us, in her side thoughts) Well for me this is a very sweet kiss of GOD for the day. Although we 're not able to attend worship for several sundays now, I know GOD is not condemning us as I understand better HIS love being much more gracious than my love for my own little child. Through the worries that this cold season brings, GOD is by our side to carry us through this challenging phase. It is human to fear but it is worse to remain so. I choose GOD no matter how challenging the events of the day.TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR ALL HIS WONDERFUL WORKS IN OUR LIVES.AMEN.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Neighborhood

The sun came out today Valentine's (Happy Valentine's to all by the way)but the wind is icycold as it was also yesterday. I hope the cold season subsides quickly. I used to love it before because having come from a tropical country I always considered winter as a romantic and peculiar scene. But now I realize it easily takes with it the flu and the like. It's not a particularly friendly season for young children whose immune system is not yet fully developed.
This is the main street adjacent to our apartment and the fleamarket (about only 5 minutes by feet from our house) the fleamarket is facing my daughter's daycare school. So I usually buy some fruits or vegetables and meats after taking her to school, before proceeding to my work.
This morning I saw an elegant pair of blazer and pants at a reasonable price and I was ready keen at buying but they didn't have my size - small (40-42) . Well . . .
The good thing about this neighborhood or particularly in this marketplace is that not once they gave me some vegetables or fruits for free, or they trust me enough(or anybody) if they didn't have change for my money that I would eventually return to pay.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today at work

Was experimenting on putting slide, but I have to learn to enhance this site some more.

The first thing I do when I arrive early to school is open the internet and browse through the current events to find relevant interesting topics to discuss as most student prefer to talk (practice conversation). By the way today is a very beautiful day . GOD answered my prayer last night for a sunny day. It's almost like summer already.
Anyway-today I have been overhearing Serafino's lesson with 'my' student Andrew (who, if you should know, is the most perfect student I've ever handled in a sense that aside from being a young version of Tom Cruise-Andrew is taller by the way.His family also runs a construction supply business. So as it is, Serafino behaves differently when teaching, usually with colleagues he's this down-to-earth, almost childish smiling character. But this morning he speaks in a serious and firm voice, confidently leaning on the swivel like a proud CEO.
Today also came Luke III to have a lesson with me which has been an enriching experience for me. He shared more about his life, like he's also very good with sailboats because his parents (mother finnish and father french) bought him a sailboat when he was only ten and he sailed so much with friends, to many italian paradise islands, in this boat. That he plays in a musicband where all the 4 members are half-french. That at seventeen he's already travelled to many countries with the money he earned working as an assistant boat skipper (on summers). After the lesson his young beautiful,blond mother was there waiting for him. My heart goes out for this young boy because he seems to be so fragile and humble, betraying his physical appearance (gothic black impression) I hope GOD's love will really shine through his heart, mind and life.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today is a fairly nice day compared to the rest, of this week. Although the sun isn't that consistent in the sense that it doesn't shine with its full splendor like during summer. Some dark clouds also threatened the day but my daughter was able to take advantage of the fresh air and sun outside just for a couple of minutes. Then back home just in time for her lunch after which we put her to sleep (same as her routine in her daycare school) . So I have ample time to log something here. Well last Thursday at the language school, Giusy the new teacher who's an italian returnee after having lived in the US for a longtime( I didn't ask but I assume long enough for her to acquire the american accent) . Last week must have been her 2nd week, but on our first meeting she annoyed\tested me a bit (Seeing that I'm a thirdworld brown 'pango') in that, when I had to substitute in her lesson for a short 15 minutes, she told me that after my 'stint' she will check with the student. When she did return after 15 minutes I had to give her all the mix of english\american accent my tongue could muster to appease her reluctance or doubt. Then Friday it took me by surpirse that she greeted me sweetly even gesturing forward her cheeks to kiss (which is the traditional italian greeting) She commented (as did the others) that I dress rather nicely, which is deliberate habit on my part because we usually have to deal with professionals and educated or 'elegant' people. Otherwise I dress rather lousily to the extent that many who see me stare in a rather strange way but I'm just naturally oblivious of what others think. Another curious happening is that Sabrina and Serafino were xeroxing an article about global warming with a photo of red chilies and they pronounced it like kilis (in italian ch is pronounced as K) so I corrected them that it's pronounced 'tsili' and they looked at each other and doubted with a Very heavy british accent which I always have a problem understanding. Sabrina brought up another word to mean something cold so I said it's also pronounced as (tsili) chilly. They're always nice and sweet and I like them. GOD gives us the grace and gifts of knowledge. I might just add that my GOD is always being so gracious and merciful above all to my daughter, then to the rest of us. So everyday I PRAISE GOD. Amen.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Affair

On this Sunday our Pastor Michael Hopkins did not preach but he gave time and space to Life Grou p Leaders, which is a welcome change. We got to know the purpose and activities and members of each life group. Here in these photos I'm shown with one of the active Filipina leaders Rowena (seated beside the lady in white headcover). It's a nice platform as our church works hard to cover not only rome but the entire italy GOD willing, with life groups. Besides lifegroup ministry there are also other interesting ministries like that of children's (photo with Eunice the thin, and Reina the thick), evangelism etc. I would have loved to be a part of it but already-as a working mother my time is limited to family, household chores (cleaning, ironing clothes,cooking,doing the groceries etc.) and work. I know it's a shallow excuse but it's not easy. But I love the worship service (worship songs) because the reality ofGOD 's great grace, mercy and might and Sovereignty becomes tangible to me. PRAISE GOD.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Third Luke

It simply means that among the male students I'm teaching, he 's the third carrying the name Luke. The first is a very nice intelligent and corteous young 14 year old boy, very attentive to every discussion and prompt to respond to any questions. The second is the 20 something-year old who's an informatics specialist, who loves to monopolize both the attention and the conversation. This third Luke is by the far the most fascinating to me. He is a 17 year-old gothic, non-conformist personality. He wears this silver pentagram chain on his neck, an all-black attire and a blackleatherwrist band spiked with silvermetals, is into heavymetal music and medieval war stories. Doubtless he is very sharp as a person, so also are his thoughts against the GOD of Christianity. I told him that people like him usually are into drugs which he soberly denied, strangely he behaves in a nicer and more corteous way than other italians his age.He has this firm and clear way of expressing his ideas. I suppose and hope that he was pleased with our lesson together, I expressed my desire to be his teacher on his next lesson, but last night I prayed to the LORD to help and lead me into 'influencing' his heart and mind for HIS love. I waited for him today as he promised he would be coming. But earlier today I heard the school administrator talking to somebody on the phone, informing that he\she couldn't report.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prejudice Undone

Almost nine years ago I came to Italy, knowing neither the language nor anyone nor the culture. The only job most thirdworld country citizens can take up is the menial kind, domesticated and the like. As I did on the initial few years, but I had in mind and by the grace of GOD- to improve my lot. After a few years (3) I acquired enough fluency of the italian language as to be able to land on a job as a hotel receptionist in a prestigious hotel in the central tourist district of the capital Spanish Steps, and consequently GOD also gave and led me to this teaching position. Prior, I had a very strong prejudice against Germans first and then italian people mainly because they differ so much with my personal convictions and culture. I used to think they're generally racists and condescending against thirdworld immigrants. But many experiences proved my beliefs to be on the contrary , like in most areas when I take the bus some people would gently thank the busdriver before getting down.Or when they see me or anybody(any nationality) in difficulty they would normally rush to help with heartmelting concern. In our neighborhood almost everybody would greet everybody (like ants do) when they meet, or some would even stop by for a short converse. They're very corteous, at least most people I meet. They would offer help, like when I'm (or anybody) carrying several bags of groceries. Or when I take my daughter in the stroller in the bus, anybody would normally readily give a hand in carrying the stroller down. These attitudes I dont remember having known in Manila, except in very rare cases. Or maybe except when I'm in the far away suburbian province which can only be reached by a 24 hour trip by ferry.
Gone are the prejudices. Now I'm also married to an italian and shortly I would also become a citizen myself. My earthly citizenship may change but my heart's and spirit's , will remain forever as that of Christ's. So again I Praise my LORD JESUS CHRIST who gives us the victory.Amen.