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Thursday, September 18, 2008


My little child is peacefully back to her daycare school (newly renovated and more spacious playcenter) and GOD Has finally answered our prayers. As it is, GOD's timing is graciously blooming and I could only feel grateful awe and amazement for GOD's wisdom and mercy towards us. The LORDGOD has just put me in a very good position as an english teacher for a prestigious language school specializing in various languages (arabic, chinese, russian german spanish etc.) And that our workplace is about a quarter of an hour or less, from our residence.GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. PRAISE GOD!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Computer Breakdown

Yesterday my computer gave an error report unmountable_boot_volume, maybe bec i turned it off directly at the power button or maybe due to its ancient-ness and low memory capacity it cant hold any bigfiles anymore or simply due to my stupidity and lack of computer knowledge. This is the reason why this site is less presentable today and I lost all the nice widgets I grabbed from other sites.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Tree (that was)

Towards the end of winter, as per the ordinances of the Italian municipalities pertaining to environment upkeep, some environment workers (treecutters to be more precise) would come around to cut the high and wide spreading branches of trees. Last winter’s end they cut the branches of the tree in front of our kitchenwindow facing the garden, therefore allowing more light into our kitchen. Since then, this particular tree looked dead , pale colored trunk with the dry layers peeling off ugly, no leaves whatsoever. Then towards the start of summer I noticed small budding leaves, and each day saw the buds multiply a thousand times it seems and mature and the branches began sprouting forth in every direction and growing so that in a matter of time it’s returning to its old mighty self again. I realize that GOD is showing through this simple growth cycle of this tree that we should not judge basing on outward appearance. Like this tree that seemed dead and ugly, it was waiting for its time to bloom again. GOD’s timing. When we are praying for something, and nothing seems to change outwardly, remember that there are ‘internal’ or spiritual developments that our physical eyes cannot see. That just like a plant, the roots go deep down where we cannot see and eventually shoots upward its proud growth. When circumstances tell us that nothing is working and our prayers don’t seem to reach beyond the ceiling. Let us learn a lesson from this simple tree, (that was ‘dead’) We should not give up but, keep up. Wait on the LORD. This realization serves me who has been petitioning GOD for a financial breakthrough. Praise GOD.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mom The Less

This morning is the first morning I took my 2 yr old daughter out for a stroll, after almost a week. Being a fulltime mother I try to do the domestic chores and fulfill motherly duties like taking my little daughter out for fresh air and change of environment, a time constrained daily routine I live. But since we had the internet connection installed last week, my time and attention for her is gradually being diminished. Two days ago her mealtime is altered, I let her sleep until past 10 am so I can dabble with internet, knowing that her regular breakfast is 8am. Consequently I had to adjust also her lunch and snacktime and so on. These last few days she sleeps at 12 midnight when she should be sleeping at nine. A day has passed without me giving her snack (fresh apple,milk & biscuits blended together).As it is, I'm awed at her level of tolerance which I didnt discover until this situation crept in.In that she would play by herself, sing (with gestures) in words only she and her angels can understand.She would be at peace as long as we are physically near each other.She would pull out all her toys from the box and get in the box situated beside the computer(me). I'm fully aware of this my fault and know I have to correct it.
Another unpleasant result is that I tend to neglect tidying the house (not to mention the radiation I catch being infront of the computer and the red eyes) well, in this technofied world radiation is everywhere (maybe it's what makes the secular world go round-aside from money).

Meme tag from Russel

Twelve words meme: this meme is different because it is up to the player to write his/her own words and give his/her own interpretations of these words. Present 12 words that mean something and explain why:

1)GOD Lifter up of my head, my FATHERGOD Almighty
2) SON n/a
3) DAUGHTERS GOD’s tangible way of giving me things I never had,and love I ve never known
4) HUSBAND GOD’s grace
5) MOM,SIS, BRO – primary bloodline
6) FRIENDS GOD’s channel of love

7) BLOGGING/WRITING – very brain stimulating passion

8) COOKING/BAKING – to fill the stomach
9) PHOTOGRAPHY – visual document of beautiful memories
10) BLESSINGS – Gifts from God that starts to pour when you wake up each morning..
11) FELLOWSHIP privilege to worship
12) SIMPLY HAPPY GOD’s grace

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Issue of Pornography

Today on Jonis show of Daystar tv (a Christian channel broadcasting nearly worldwide FREE via DTH satellite) featured a very interesting topic of fighting pornography on the internet. Their main guest was Mr. Skip Matthews the founder of Integrityonline. is a free internet service from where you can download a program software that blocks pornosites from popping up on your screen. This service is very practical and helpful to busy parents with young kids, or even for adults who simply abhor the works of the devil. They also featured the powerful testimony of Shelley Lubben a former porno star (modern day Mary Magdalene) who got born again and is now helping the porno addicts and the other porno stars who either has gotten out of the pornobusiness or want to getout of it. Not only does integrity online offer free internet software but they also minister\help people struggling against pornography by giving them useful biblical references and spiritual and moral support. As it is the windows\gates of our soul and mind are eyes, ears mouth and nose. We have to guard what we allow our eyes to see or read, no violence or horror scenes or things that GOD despises. We have to be careful what we allow our ears to hear we should choose positive music those that convey good emotions like hope, faith and love (and not suicide thoughts, hopelessness, and sadness or chaos). We have to choose what we say or the words that come out of our mouth as our Lord Jesus said (Matt 15:18) it is not what goes in our mouth that defiles a man but what comes out of it, because words are things and they affect and shape our circumstances. Our nose should not sniff drugs or unlawful substances that ruin our mind and body (or temple as Jesus put it) that GOD has given us.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our 2004 US Trip

(I know this comes late..)A few years ago, GOD has blessed us with an opportunity to experience America, which stands true to its name ‘the American dream’ I guess for most citizens of all world continents, even for Europeans. Our point of entry was the vast Philadelphia International Airport which is a city by itself, bustling with shops of diverse natures, foodshops and you name it. Then we flew off to our destination which is San Francisco which was home to us for a little more than a week. Naturally we savoured everything of the enchanting city by the bay from the fisherman’s wharf and crookedest street, the limousine ride (5 $ per head around the Union square downtown) , the Golden gate bridge (overlooking the Escape to Alcatraz prison ) we walked the entire stretch just because we didn’t know there was a service we can ---) the souvenir items Tshirts the most affordable and popular choice, pier 39 . the cablecar ride downtown, the white botanical garden. We also visited Disneyland Los Angeles , the Pebble beach resort in Monterey where we had a very wonderful picnic with our hosts then the big fleamarket and the very beautiful Napa Valley wineries in Sacramento, where we also spent 2 nights ( in the vacation house of our hosts) who also accompanied us next to Las Vegas Nevada (more or less 4 hr drive) to experience the big hotels nightlife and casinos etc. During this brief American rendezvous we had the opportunity to stay at the houses of relatives who are all very generous (financially and otherwise) . The last stop of our trip was San Diego (lighthouse ) which boasts of elegant and palatial residences. The thing to point out is that each of the extravagant houses of the different Californian subdivisions, doesn’t have protective iron window grills or secure gates to protect against burglary I asked my relative the reason for it, she said that there is no burglar in their communities, notwithstanding the extravagance of the houses. Not only do most families own not less than 2 cars or vans but they also own 2 houses. For anyone eyeing for real estate properties I would recommend to checkout the HomesAndLand website which offers very impressive homes and practical financial advices and solutions.