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Saturday, October 25, 2008

vittoriajc: Your 'Sponsor' to a better income opportunity

"Ja kailangan lagi mo on ang PC mo mpara lagi tayo comunicate. this week nakaearn nanaman ako ng 350.euro d2 sa H&C, kaya cipagan mo na din."

(You must turn on your pc always so we can keep intouch.This week I earned again Euros 350 here in H&C, so you work on, also)
This is part of the email ate Pen wrote (in the photo in my previous post) On the week she was here, she earned almost Euros 800. It is the setup inwhich anyone who needs to travel (by plane, cruise ship) will not need anymore the services of the travel agency.He\she can book his own ticket -plane or cruise ship) online through the website holidaysandcash therefore eliminating the additional charges from the travel agents. Doing away with the hassles of making a trip and following up with the travel agency, and all the bureucracy. Holidaysandcash provides travel tickets at a price almost 40% less,than that offered by travel agents. Also reduced rates on over 800,000 hotels worldwide. Not only will one get discounts but, he\she can earn more by referring new members\agents for holidaysandcash. Yep, it's a MLM which originated from Australia. And is successfully spreading through Europe and other parts of the world. To be a member you will need a 'sponsor' or the person who referred you to the business and the fee to register is $240 (Euros 190) renewable annuallly. There's not much to lose but so much to earn. OK GOD BLESS Tremendously.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Easy Earning Opportunity- Really.

Ate Beth that's how I call her(the one w the shortest hair,in green sweaters). I consider her my distant relative although I'm not really aware of any bloodties between us, only that she was one of our early boarders when my family was still renting an apartment right in the center of notorious university belt (Lepanto -I don't remember the 1st name of this hero's st. and San Sebastian Church area) in Manila where I(with my siblings) was both born and raised. Batang Quiapo.Ate Beth also comes from the same province as my parents (Puerto Princesa and Coron Palawan) therefore she speaks the like dialect. For this I feel like she's my next of kin--her main activity here in Rome is selling just about everything and anything (except of course the Pacific Ocean) she's a real state agent (Philippine properties), she sells cultured pearls, accessories like swarovski, jewelries fake and real, perfumes real and imitation, designer watches Forever Living (although now-dead because she stopped) DXN health supplement products, make-ups, once she tried also vending 'ulam' sa Rome central terminal station. Just 2 days ago she came to our house along with her modest daughter and nice sister who are both based in Germany,married to German men, to introduce a new networking business opportunity (auto-travel agent) which I consider to be a very promising scheme. It's a very interesting because it doesnt cater to an exclusive group of people( as the 'smart pinoy' recently launched here in Italy) , as the keyword is travel it should give one an idea of a universal clientele.HAng on for the next entry where I will reveal more details.OK.GOD BLESS US ALL.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


My little child is peacefully back to her daycare school (newly renovated and more spacious playcenter) and GOD Has finally answered our prayers. As it is, GOD's timing is graciously blooming and I could only feel grateful awe and amazement for GOD's wisdom and mercy towards us. The LORDGOD has just put me in a very good position as an english teacher for a prestigious language school specializing in various languages (arabic, chinese, russian german spanish etc.) And that our workplace is about a quarter of an hour or less, from our residence.GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. PRAISE GOD!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Computer Breakdown

Yesterday my computer gave an error report unmountable_boot_volume, maybe bec i turned it off directly at the power button or maybe due to its ancient-ness and low memory capacity it cant hold any bigfiles anymore or simply due to my stupidity and lack of computer knowledge. This is the reason why this site is less presentable today and I lost all the nice widgets I grabbed from other sites.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Tree (that was)

Towards the end of winter, as per the ordinances of the Italian municipalities pertaining to environment upkeep, some environment workers (treecutters to be more precise) would come around to cut the high and wide spreading branches of trees. Last winter’s end they cut the branches of the tree in front of our kitchenwindow facing the garden, therefore allowing more light into our kitchen. Since then, this particular tree looked dead , pale colored trunk with the dry layers peeling off ugly, no leaves whatsoever. Then towards the start of summer I noticed small budding leaves, and each day saw the buds multiply a thousand times it seems and mature and the branches began sprouting forth in every direction and growing so that in a matter of time it’s returning to its old mighty self again. I realize that GOD is showing through this simple growth cycle of this tree that we should not judge basing on outward appearance. Like this tree that seemed dead and ugly, it was waiting for its time to bloom again. GOD’s timing. When we are praying for something, and nothing seems to change outwardly, remember that there are ‘internal’ or spiritual developments that our physical eyes cannot see. That just like a plant, the roots go deep down where we cannot see and eventually shoots upward its proud growth. When circumstances tell us that nothing is working and our prayers don’t seem to reach beyond the ceiling. Let us learn a lesson from this simple tree, (that was ‘dead’) We should not give up but, keep up. Wait on the LORD. This realization serves me who has been petitioning GOD for a financial breakthrough. Praise GOD.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mom The Less

This morning is the first morning I took my 2 yr old daughter out for a stroll, after almost a week. Being a fulltime mother I try to do the domestic chores and fulfill motherly duties like taking my little daughter out for fresh air and change of environment, a time constrained daily routine I live. But since we had the internet connection installed last week, my time and attention for her is gradually being diminished. Two days ago her mealtime is altered, I let her sleep until past 10 am so I can dabble with internet, knowing that her regular breakfast is 8am. Consequently I had to adjust also her lunch and snacktime and so on. These last few days she sleeps at 12 midnight when she should be sleeping at nine. A day has passed without me giving her snack (fresh apple,milk & biscuits blended together).As it is, I'm awed at her level of tolerance which I didnt discover until this situation crept in.In that she would play by herself, sing (with gestures) in words only she and her angels can understand.She would be at peace as long as we are physically near each other.She would pull out all her toys from the box and get in the box situated beside the computer(me). I'm fully aware of this my fault and know I have to correct it.
Another unpleasant result is that I tend to neglect tidying the house (not to mention the radiation I catch being infront of the computer and the red eyes) well, in this technofied world radiation is everywhere (maybe it's what makes the secular world go round-aside from money).

Meme tag from Russel

Twelve words meme: this meme is different because it is up to the player to write his/her own words and give his/her own interpretations of these words. Present 12 words that mean something and explain why:

1)GOD Lifter up of my head, my FATHERGOD Almighty
2) SON n/a
3) DAUGHTERS GOD’s tangible way of giving me things I never had,and love I ve never known
4) HUSBAND GOD’s grace
5) MOM,SIS, BRO – primary bloodline
6) FRIENDS GOD’s channel of love

7) BLOGGING/WRITING – very brain stimulating passion

8) COOKING/BAKING – to fill the stomach
9) PHOTOGRAPHY – visual document of beautiful memories
10) BLESSINGS – Gifts from God that starts to pour when you wake up each morning..
11) FELLOWSHIP privilege to worship
12) SIMPLY HAPPY GOD’s grace

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Issue of Pornography

Today on Jonis show of Daystar tv (a Christian channel broadcasting nearly worldwide FREE via DTH satellite) featured a very interesting topic of fighting pornography on the internet. Their main guest was Mr. Skip Matthews the founder of Integrityonline. is a free internet service from where you can download a program software that blocks pornosites from popping up on your screen. This service is very practical and helpful to busy parents with young kids, or even for adults who simply abhor the works of the devil. They also featured the powerful testimony of Shelley Lubben a former porno star (modern day Mary Magdalene) who got born again and is now helping the porno addicts and the other porno stars who either has gotten out of the pornobusiness or want to getout of it. Not only does integrity online offer free internet software but they also minister\help people struggling against pornography by giving them useful biblical references and spiritual and moral support. As it is the windows\gates of our soul and mind are eyes, ears mouth and nose. We have to guard what we allow our eyes to see or read, no violence or horror scenes or things that GOD despises. We have to be careful what we allow our ears to hear we should choose positive music those that convey good emotions like hope, faith and love (and not suicide thoughts, hopelessness, and sadness or chaos). We have to choose what we say or the words that come out of our mouth as our Lord Jesus said (Matt 15:18) it is not what goes in our mouth that defiles a man but what comes out of it, because words are things and they affect and shape our circumstances. Our nose should not sniff drugs or unlawful substances that ruin our mind and body (or temple as Jesus put it) that GOD has given us.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our 2004 US Trip

(I know this comes late..)A few years ago, GOD has blessed us with an opportunity to experience America, which stands true to its name ‘the American dream’ I guess for most citizens of all world continents, even for Europeans. Our point of entry was the vast Philadelphia International Airport which is a city by itself, bustling with shops of diverse natures, foodshops and you name it. Then we flew off to our destination which is San Francisco which was home to us for a little more than a week. Naturally we savoured everything of the enchanting city by the bay from the fisherman’s wharf and crookedest street, the limousine ride (5 $ per head around the Union square downtown) , the Golden gate bridge (overlooking the Escape to Alcatraz prison ) we walked the entire stretch just because we didn’t know there was a service we can ---) the souvenir items Tshirts the most affordable and popular choice, pier 39 . the cablecar ride downtown, the white botanical garden. We also visited Disneyland Los Angeles , the Pebble beach resort in Monterey where we had a very wonderful picnic with our hosts then the big fleamarket and the very beautiful Napa Valley wineries in Sacramento, where we also spent 2 nights ( in the vacation house of our hosts) who also accompanied us next to Las Vegas Nevada (more or less 4 hr drive) to experience the big hotels nightlife and casinos etc. During this brief American rendezvous we had the opportunity to stay at the houses of relatives who are all very generous (financially and otherwise) . The last stop of our trip was San Diego (lighthouse ) which boasts of elegant and palatial residences. The thing to point out is that each of the extravagant houses of the different Californian subdivisions, doesn’t have protective iron window grills or secure gates to protect against burglary I asked my relative the reason for it, she said that there is no burglar in their communities, notwithstanding the extravagance of the houses. Not only do most families own not less than 2 cars or vans but they also own 2 houses. For anyone eyeing for real estate properties I would recommend to checkout the HomesAndLand website which offers very impressive homes and practical financial advices and solutions.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vacation treat

A few months ago, (Easter season in particular) as is the custom of Italians they usually go out of town briefly to relax and recharge. We were blessed to be treated by Franco to a 5 day all expenses paid get-away,we stayed in a splendid hotel called Hotel Santa Caterina which is right in the center of this small Tuscan town Chianciano terme (about 2 hours from Rome center)..I`ve been to several hotels in my lifetime, including some 5 star hotels in Las Vegas Nevada , or modest small hotel in Los Angeles. But I`ve never experienced a peculiar treatment like that of Hotel Santa Caterina Franco knows personally the family that manages this hotel(he even brought a box of artichokes as gift), and I had that impression that for this reason we were treated as special guests so to speak (Maybe it`s one of the reasons). They had a ready gift for my little daughter-a beautiful doll But then some other guests started coming, and they were welcomed in the same way we were welcomed with warm smiles,, cheerful handshakes and even hugs. I thought they must be special friends too of the hotel owners.The next few days saw additional guests being treated in the like manner and it seemed that either they were longtime friends relatives or part of the family. Eventually the hotel was fully occupied during our stay As it is a very splendid bed and beyond-breakfast holel, the stay is inclusive of meals (voluptuous, healthy and very delightful) which leaves each guest always both satisfied and full (maybe curious also for the recipe).Each meal course consists of special delectable Italian delicacies which vary from day from to day, from seafoods menu to meats and pasta, sweets or salads, fruits and vegetables. They have a corkboard at the dining room entrance displaying the menu for the next day and, if for some reason a guest would like to alter his meal they generously concede to the guest`s request (as what we have done for the sake of my little daughter for whom some food is not yet advisable considering her young age). Not once, have I heard compliments for the cooks (who are the hotel owners` son and daughter inlaw) who also come out of the kitchen every now and then to greet the guests or know the feedback---which always turns out to be positive. Also Andrea the other (hotel owners`) son shuffles between waiting (serving tables) and reception. On another night they also held bingo and we (my husband won almost three prizes in a row (he won, a set of truck toys , a steam iron and a bulky electric oven. For those who are fond of card games (without money bets) there are cards available. The hotel`s mother-owner has a cowgirl character with all the elegance and sweetness, she let us meet her beloved furry cat Ilaria who is a snob. She takes time to talk to each guest. She shared with us that she rises at 5am to do her housechores.take care of her husband. The father Amlet (Or Hamlet of Shakespeare) seemed to portray a house detective and Guest Relations Officer both rolled in one, nonetheless corteous and gentle. When the grandchildren (who are equally corteous and very beautiful physically or I might add characterially) dropped by they willingly introduced them to us, They willingly inform us of the peculiarities of the day`s itinerary like if there`s a scheduled sightseeing trip to nearby thermal baths turned-tourist attraction, or a brief trip to the nearby shoppingmall. They also conduct ballroom dancing with live band music, to the delight of everybody. Even my little child enjoyed it notwithstanding the lateness of the night. Furthermore, even the guests (almost everybody) seemed to be a part of the same circle of friends or, a part of the same family. Everyone greets everyone whether they are just sitting on the lobby, or entering or leaving the hotel.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

By the window

videoJust a little playtime by the window with my child. From here she can birdwatch and listen to them chirping. She can watch kids playing at a minipark infront...

Friday, May 16, 2008

La mia (mezza giornata..poche ore..tre ore) al asilo

E stata una bellissima esperienza per me come mamma di Vittoria a vedere lei relazionare con altri bimbi, pure gli altri bimbi come sono diventati piu svelte e obedienti o molto vivaci specie quando hanno saputo di poter andare a giocare nel giardino, dove tutti hanno giocato con le bolle di sapone (di maestra Alda), con scivolo,palle colorate,cavalucci e carrelline sotto gli attenti occhi delle maestre Alda, Susana Sandra e Adriana. Sono rimasta impressionata nel fatto che i bimbi capiscono molto di piu che noi (o almeno io) pensiamo. Per esempio a seguire le istruzioni delle maestre, a memorizzare non soltanto una canzoncina, ma parecchi canzoncine-compressi i gesti delle mani e corpo, e parole (anche se non sono tanto comprensibile, dato il modo in cui parlano) Non ero cosciente del fatto che i bimbi al loro tenerissima eta' sono gia capaci a prendere picolle responsabilita' come apparecchiare la tavola (Vittoria ha apparecchiato per 4 bimbi con l'aiuto della maestra Susana). O a mettere apposto i giocatoli.. Hanno dei diversi giochi che aiutano a sviluppare le capacita' mentale, sociale e associativo dei nostri bimbi. Tutte le maestre e personale del nido sono simpatici e pazienti-anche coi genitori, coi bimbi. Mi domando come fanno le maestre ad acudire sei bimbi (ogni maestra ) tra cambiare pannolini, insegnarli, farli mangiare, e seguirli cosi non si fanno male da soli? L'altra cosa in cui sono rimasta meravigliata e che i bimbi sono affezionati delle loro maestre. E ovvio che per le maestre i bimbi non sono oggetti di lavoro ma come se fossero i loro propri figli.La maestra Susana mi ha pure insegnato il trucco di far mangiare Vittoria in modo piu facile e divertente,cioe' giocare con lei mentre lei mangia e ho provato efficace. Detto tutto questo vogliamo mandare un grandissimo gratitudine e complimenti di cuore a tutte le maestre (Susana, Alda, MAria Grazia, Sandra e Adriana) e, le personale (pure del sezione grandi) e la dirittrice del Arcobaleno che rendono piu brillanti i nostri figli. Grazie infinite e DIO vi benedica TUTTI VOI!

Monday, May 12, 2008


I'm supposed to have my job interview today at 12 nn, in a prestigious law office, which called me 2 days ago as a response to the job ad I placed in the local ads newspaper. Today I had to request them to resched the interview due to a minor domestic incident. Job-working again after giving birth.Career growth and earning stimulates me a lot. Prior to pregnancy I was a hotel receptionist in a 3 star hotel located right in the tourist belt area Spanish Steps. Then eventually GOD Blessed us with a wonderful child Vittoria Emmanuela and I had to opt to stay with her fulltime at least for some period of her growing time, which I consider a very vital investment, honing her character even at her very delicate innocent age. It's been a little more than 2 years
since I stopped working and now I've started jobhunting again and, it seems almost every month a job interview comes my path.But for one reason or another (be it conflict of sched-I prefer to work parttime in the morning, or the distance from our place-I have to consider the travel time fr the workplace til Vittoria's daycare center, or I dont speak fluent italian, or due to racial discrimination,or that I dont meet the age requirement-I'm not as young as they expect their employees to be,also I have some little apprehensions about being away from Vittoria having been used to be physically near her everyday from the day she was born) well, the interview gets aborted. I have made numerous attempts for jobs that are completely unknown to me (Programme Assistant, Information Manager etc.) And by GOD's grace some prestigious international organizations got interested enough to fix an appointment for my interview. I felt most sorry for having lost the opportunity to work for UK representative office to FAO-a UN arm due to my inavailability for interview.But As it is I am an incurable optimist, and believer in my GOD. HE has guided all my goings, and HE has answered many of my prayers.I still believe hopefully this week my GOD will finally release the bestest job for me here in ROme.ANd for this I praise and thank my GOD in advance.So be it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vittoria's 2nd Sunday at the Church(after winter)


Saturday, May 3, 2008

At the park


Vittoria's official bigtime at the park bigger than the rest we've visited.She enjoyed crazy the pigeons, ducks, dogs other kids etc. of course the company of our co-nationals having picnic with grand culinary showoffs. We stayed from 11 am til 4p under the friendly sun (which might have been the first real friendly weather since the end of winter recently) In short it was a grand day above all for Vittoria Emmanuela, as well as Lala, Adrian and me and the rest of parkstrollers.


Monday, April 28, 2008


(My sis-inlaw's husband) Although he can be extremely overly fierce and tyrranical with his words (when he's very angry)yet, I've never seen so naive and big heart (espe. for Vittoria) as his and Giada's. They can also be equally extremely and spoilingly loving and sweet to Vittoria.It's like there's a separate very large comparment of cares and love in their hearts that I may never have or understand. They can be so very careful over the miniscule details for the wellbeing of Vittoria (like, we should buy a certain-costly pair of shoes so that her feet will develop well) a thing that I've never been acquainted to or was conscious of,growing up in a thirdworld country, not to mention the poverty mentality I had before. Franco, how he loved Vittoria, even her smallest giggles will not escape his attention and pointing it out at that almost immediately to his wife. Franco, he's like a bank that never runs out of money. Since he retired last January (he's 57yo) even before they have been travelling here and there, east and west.Our house boasts of many souvenirs from Africa, Tunis, Egypt, Marocco and France. The last time 3 weeks ago
he treated his family including his son's fiance and his daughter's husband to a week's stay in Vienna Austria. Upon their return it was our turn to be treated to a 5-day all-expenses paid stay in a very refreshing paradise province of ROme-CHianciano. Yesterday we heard them again planning their next trip this time a cruise-a mediterranean I suppose. Would to GOD that HE would also bless us with financial freedom minus any kind of sickness. Would to GOD that HE would continually prosper Franco's entire family in their health and wealth.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


For many days now my mind is relentless with S.O.S. prayers to my GOD. Today as HE always does, HE came with some pinch of loving hints that HE knows my situation.As it is,we're left with not so many Euromoneys to make last til Adrian's next payday.Which means I have to limit spending to less than 8 Euros\day. (Thankfully we prioritize basic needs like food and necessary commodities, so we have stock at least til month's end). Today is Signora Claudia's 84th GOD BLESS her, after accompanying VIttoria to her daycare school,I took time to greet her over the phone and she said she needed a companion to buy some detergent in the nearby store. So I left my ready breakfast, as she was expecting me to popup at her doorstep in the next minute.So we headed,some chats, some sermon against giving Vittoria food that does not appeal to the italian aste(like Asian food). Then I found out I got a bufferstock of what she was intending to buy so I offered and we made a U-return to the house. As soon as we neared our houses(we're neighbors) she asked to dropby at the grocerystore,she bought for herself some candies of different little dimensions two thin long ones, and 2 normal round candies like those of a child. Then to my surprise she also bought for me 2 cans of tunasalads mix. and some fetuccine pasta.Just as I was contemplating how to budget our budget--) This, to me is GOD's pinching of reminder that HE sees and HE cares. I'm still praying for mountains of money to solve our financial needs but to see, HE Meets us, at the point of our needs. Space and time limits me to share the many instances that my GOD Provided at the breaking point.

Friday, April 18, 2008


April 21 2008 Mon

We spent another day with Giada (my husband's twin sis) and practically her entire family and beyond-her 2 grown kids Alessandro 27 y.o. and his fiance', and Michela 26, and her husband Fabrizio.Signora Claudia Giada's mother-inlaw and 2 among Giada's bestfriends the couple Roberto and wife Giovanna. At least once a month we get invited at Giada's with these same people. It's always a very pleasant get-together with them, except(rarely like today) for some very petty quarrel over table manners (mine, being an Asian or more particularly -being a Filipino) ,I didnt change plates when it was time for the second course (meat), not wanting for GIada to take care of many plates what with all her guests each changing plates for the entire 5 course meal.(The typical italian meal consists of 5 course or plates-first plate serves pasta or soup, for the second meat or fish main dish. Third is salad, 4th is fruits and last is cakes or sweets. ) So Giada reprimanded me that for the sake of VIttoria (my 20 mo. old daughter) who is seated between us(Giada and me) that I should set an example. The dining table eventually turned into a little family courthouse with Giovanna and her husband Roberto defending or justifying one's liberty to eat as his\her personal culture dictates, just as long as it is within the confines of reasonable etiquette. With me as suddenly a defendant, and my accusers Signora Claudia and Giada. Thankfully it ended with my acquittal. Giovanna gifted VIttoria with a very nice red summerdress, Alessandro baby sunglasses,and Michela-musical camel stufftoy.And when we got home at around 7p , almost as soon as we stepped in the house our neighbors Lela (Antonella,who loves hanging out with us) knocked to give some more toygifts for Vittoria.