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Saturday, December 5, 2015

International Christian Concern: Angels All Around

As it is CHRIST is the only One who claimed that,HIS followers would be persecuted for HIS Name's sake.And that not,to be afraid,that those who can kill the body cannot kill the soul (Matt. 10:28). Would you know beloved? JESUS CHRIST represents our FATHER Who IS in heaven. We are HIS children,only those who will decide to take HIS side, by heart conversion. Since satan cannot hurt or attack The FATHER, he hurts The FATHER by attacking HIS children. Our Lord JESUS CHRIST is the WORD of GOD that came to flesh (John 1:14 The WORD made Flesh and dwelt among us). The WORD of GOD is a two-edged Sword. The Written WORD of GOD or the Scriptures, and The Person of our Lord JESUS CHRIST Who is our all in all. (Time and space are not enough to expound on this,GOD's Sovereign Grace, Love and Mercy to us). If it's only upto satan he would annihilate any trace or evidence of GOD in my GOD's Own creations,and that is what all anti-semitism is all about and Christian persecution.These are all satan's attempts to eliminate GOD on earth, and rule the world on his own as he always dreamed (Isaiah 14:13-14).
There is a battle going-on on this earth.And it's not between men and satan, but between GOD and satan.It's a battle to win the hearts and minds of men. You don't have to fight this battle on your own. Our Almighty GOD has taken care of it for us HIS children, all we have to do is switch to HIS Gracious side by accepting the salvation which is wrapped in the death and resurrection of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, which is the ransom GOD paid to redeem us.Praise the LORD! This is not our battle, but the LORD's (2 Chron. 20:15) and would you know, GOD has HIS mighty and powerful angels that surround and protect them, who are HIS just like this fragile-looking man preaching openly and fearlessly amid these muslim crowd. It amazed me that no one dared to touch or harm him,but I can only explain by citing GOD's protection.
Thank YOU LORD ! There is no one like YOU ! YOU are Worthy of all Glory, Honor and praises.Let the Holy and Powerful Blood of our Lord JESUS CHRIST cover us continually, in JESUS' Name we ask and Thank YOU very much GOD-PAPA Amen!

Friday, November 27, 2015


I have often thought of ways on how I can contribute in empowering morality and godliness in this present generation. Individually it is not easy to wage the war to restore Christian principles. I'm sure there are many, like me who hate gay marriage and legalized abortion, not to mention the wars among nations and different crises which are plaguing humanity. Thankfully somebody stepped up to the plate with this initiative to unite people with the goal of fighting against gay marriage and legalized abortion. If you want your voice to be heard and Christian principles upheld, I invite you to sign this petition proclaiming Dependence on GOD's standard.This way we are fighting for our family, our children and our loved ones, our future. 

'The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.' Edmund Burke

The Holy and Powerful Blood of our Lord JESUS CHRIST cover each of us now and everyday,Thank YOU Very much GOD-PAPA in JESUS' Name Amen!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Aldub Phenomenon and The Amazing Legacy of Eat Bulaga!

For a time I really felt guilty for delving into something, which to most professing Christians as I am, is shallow and insignificant. Secular entertainment media. As it is I have deliberately avoided secular media (news and Hollywood entertainment and films) for a long time, because I've decided to feed my mind only with wholesome and positive information. And so it has been for so many years that I behaved in a manner that's 'politically correct', rather serious and formal yes,  until   . . ..Aldub and I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. For sure my hearty laughter has returned. The childishness that I tried to shake-off  has found its way back to me. Now I reckon it must be my GOD-PAPA giving me back some happiness, not with 'just any low quality entertainment' but an entertainment with the heart from the Philippine TV Network claiming to be 'Kapuso' or 'Heart-mate' and rightly so.

Eat Bulaga ! : The Organic Variety Entertainment

Over time, I discovered that almost everything in consumer society is industrialized including the packaging of celebrities' image and personal identity. In showbiz, in general, this strategy is also applied in appalling detail.The image, the motions,the clothing, the words (even, the so-called intrigues or controversies are calculated and intentional to create publicity) . There are managers and producers who have learned this 'so-called art' of showbiz survival/publicity tactics so well that media entertainment has become another 'industrialized' product. Whereas in the past,before the high-tech age, IT innovations entertainment used to be an organic family affair. Very unlike, the kind of systematic and methodical promotion of a showbiz personality, being adopted by the rival network of GMA i. e. 'Kapuso' or 'Heart-mate'.
Eat Bulaga ! in contrast has always maintained the same stance they had when they started 36 years ago. Yup! I was there, as a child when Tito(Sen.Vicente Sotto) his younger brother Vic (Marvic Sotto)  and Joey De Leon started the show, much laughters and happiness in our own family were courtesy of |Eat Bulaga ! And Yup ! Theirs was an organic variety TV programming back then, as it is still now.(When)I have lost my childish happiness for a long time,partly because I had to adjust myself to this European culture. Another thing that is very amazing or amusing and both, is that the relationships they have built from way back,have lasted til now,and have even grown to more, and new dynamic co-hosts. I'm sure many Filipinos have their cultural identity deeply rooted in the legacy of humor that is Eat Bulaga ! ,where there's a natural, laid-back, and low-profile, 'don't-have-to-prove-anything' attitude. They earned it, they have it, they delivered the best of organic variety entertainment truly unique, in the world.

Eat Bulaga ! : A Legacy of Helping and Giving to the Poor

Another thing that has intensified or increased in Eat Bulaga ! is their charitable act disguised behind entertainment and funny segments and games. Whereas the other networks are highly focused on skillfully promoting their talents/shows that perhaps, they have overlooked the needs of their viewers? There is a natural law based on biblical principle, about giving and helping. Each day, through their 'Kalye Serye' (TV Series on-the road) they give away prizes in kind like small appliances/gadgets etc. , and in addition to this they also give away cash prizes amounting to Euros 1500, to a person whose name is picked-out from a raffle box in the studio.Each day there's a new 'road' or place or setting,but the same plot or story continues, with much fun and jokes.I believe this is the reason why GOD has rewarded Eat Bulaga ! with a global phenomenon that is Aldub in the persons of Ms. Maine Mendoza (alias Yaya Dub) dubbed as Dubsmash queen, and Mr. Alden Richards who is proving to have a humble yet strong, soft yet sweet nature and these two seem to be a couple made-in-heaven.

Barely four months have passed and much has been said and done regarding Aldub in relation to Eat Bulaga ! and surely more controversies, ups and downs and challenges. Eat Bulaga's longest running Filipino legacy of wholesome fun will continue through the years.One thing I know, my wild laughters found their way back to my heart and even spreading to my GOD-given family.

GOD BLESS each of us,Tremendously! 
Laughter is the best medicine, or as the Holy Scriptures put it in Proverbs 17:22 'A merry heart does good like a medicine.'

Saturday, November 14, 2015

United States: Approaching Thanksgiving

First, to all my Linkbuddies here in this blogsite Please inform me in anyway (by commenting) if I'm in your linkslist, because in my efforts to enchance this site's appearance I changed the theme and consequently I lost my longtime bloglinks.I really want to restore our longtime connection. Or if anyone wants to be my link buddy please let me know so I can also include your link in this site.Thanks y'all! I just want to wish the best Thanksgiving to the best Christian country, the major world Leader in spreading and empowering Christianity worldwide.Our family prays Numbers 6:24 over you, like a single entity ; 'The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make HIS face shine on you and be gracious on you; The LORD turn HIS face toward you and give you peace; ' And on a personal note I also Praise and Thank my GOD-PAPA for the many good things and blessings HE bestows on us.Do you realize our health is HIS great blessing ? I've seen many people in the hospital and even personal acquaintances, who suffer physical pain and terribly uncomfortable health problems that even sitting up on the bed is already considered a luxury and joy? They can't enjoy the fresh outdoor air or the simple little things . . ..I praise and thank my GOD-PAPA for our physical health and HIS divine protection of me and my family and loved ones.I praise and thank my GOD-PAPA for HIS provisions, the jobs and material blessings from people, actually there are so many things we must thank our GOD for, even for dangers thwarted,even without our knowing it.Thank YOU GOD-PAPA very much!We love YOU because YOU ARE LOVE. On a negative note,just yesterday, there had been a terror attack by ISIS,in our neighbouring country of France,which killed over 120 people. I'm sure many of us are terrified,angry or questioning the reason behind this heinous act. We extend our heartfelt sympathy and solidarity to the surviving loved ones of the victims and may the comfort and love of our LORDGOD Almighty tightly grip each of them. And so politicians and most of us will most probably base our reaction on the 'eye-for-an-eye' premise.Although the use of force will be an inevitable defense for civil safety, in my opinion it will not improve the situation as much as transforming the heart, which is the seat of a man's will and emotions.It wouldn't be easy but the best answer and weapon against these people is to use Love and shoot it into their hearts. That will quell the anger and hatred and turn the heart to goodwill and peace. Just like the way of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the Only ONE Who can change any person. If you want to know this Love just follow this link I end with the best hope that you find the Love that our LORD JESUS freely gave, which is the real answer to life's questions.GOD BLESS each of us tremendously!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

WORD for today:CHRIST in you

Encouragement for today; Everyone of us goes through tough times,which might make you feel like you are on your own, or that you are suffering alone. Remember,our LORD JESUS, right before he was led to the final sacrifice of crucifixion, HE was totally abandoned,HIS disciples all slept while HE was agonizing, in desperate prayer in the garden of Gethsamane, alone. Even on the cross HE cried; 'My GOD, My GOD why have YOU forsaken ME?' (Not that our GOD-PAPA abandoned our LORD JESUS, but our GOD-PAPA could not stand looking on all the filthy sin of humankind which at that moment were all laid on JESUS at the cross) JESUS paid the price of solitude and abandonment on the cross, so that each of us can enjoy all the benefits of HIS company. CHRIST in you, and me The Hope of Glory. This promise is also tied to our LORD's many many joyful promises like; 'I will never leave you nor forsake you'  Deut. 31:6  or 'I will be with you til the end of time' Matt. 28:20. You might need an encouragement from our never-leaving GOD,HE loves you so much that JESUS gave HIS life to redeem us HIS lost children. HE will come IN to your heart if you accept JESUS into your heart as your personal LORD and Saviour, Rev. 3:20 our Lord JESUS says' I stand at the door (your heart) and knock, If anyone should hear My voice and open the door, then I will come in to him'. Isn't life better knowing that our GOD is not out there,nor beside nor behind you or elsewhere around you But,HE's actually INSIDE you and me? 
And so forever you will enjoy the company of The KING of Glory,our Deliverer,our Fortress, our Present Help in times of trouble, our Loving,Wonderful,Merciful and Gracious GOD.You are never alone.Praise The LORD! For HIS Mercy endures forever! in JESUS' Name Amen! Thank YOU Very much GOD-PAPA for YOUR Powerful Love in the Blood of our LORD JESUS! AMen!