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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Mercies of GOD

Happy New Year! And although this is too-late of a greeting, this comes as my newest post for this fresh GOD-given year 2017! I thank GOD in no uncertain terms,as a matter of fact, categorically,  for how HE has walked closely with me and my family through all the challenges of life;which  served to crystallize even more HIS Own Power,Grace And Mercy and above all, Love, specially for them who would, in all fierceness of spirit,clutchTo HIM through the valleys and low times.
If you submit to be an intelligent creature, you would agree that this life must hold a purpose for each of us. These desperate times must be to an intended end,a lesson to be learned,if not at the first trial,then maybe at the second or the next one  .. . if you are breathing human being,you are not exempted, no one is. Each difficulty is another life lesson waiting to be learned to strengthen and prepare your inner man,for your next level in life. You must understand that in all of these,there's just one dividing line that separates the life in-the-divine from a haphazard life, and it is doubtless, the Name of JESUS!

I would not have known the joy of healing and perfect health and strength,had I not experienced the pain of sickness. I would not be able to appreciate the joy of salvation,had I not known the despair of the perishing. I wouldn't be able to appreciate abundance,had I not known lack.
Then I come to the realization of This Magnificently Loving GOD,Who went to The Extreme, to reach down through the Blood of HIS Only Begotten SON to heal all ills of the original sin of Adam. To reboot or re-set as it were, to borrow the lingo of this techie generation, the whole systems, according to HIS Heart's original intent. As human as each of us is,it will always be  beyond us, to comprehend This Everlasting Act. The only exchange we can offer is our own heart. Stray children coming back to our own Creator and Heavenly Father,under Whose Strong Arms we are safe, and provided-for. Then the challenges of life are like attacks that hit our Shield Who is our GOD,and backfire to its perpetrator; the enemy of our souls, but to us, under HIS Protection,we can only expect GOD to turn bad things to our good. Praise The LORD! I don't define myself as 'fanatic' nor religious. Just a believer in CHRIST. A CHRIST follower,even in my frailties.I have learned not to be critical or apologetic,anymore of the limitations that identify the flesh with this world. But good for me and you,my brother or sister in CHRIST, GOD already knows everything from the day we were conceived until the day this flesh returns to dust (should my LORD JESUS tarry in returning). So what else can I still add? GOD is Infinitely Great in HIS Love for you. There is no way anybody can ever undo or refute all the archeological finds,documents,places and people like the Jews which all point to the infallibility of The Truth WHO IS JESUS.HE gave up HIS Life so HE can win you and me. Do you care about this?

I thank GOD so much for shining HIS Light in the dark parts of my life.
I thank GOD so much for HIS Perfect physical healing in my family.
I praise GOD because HE IS Faithful, Holy and True. And Merciful and Gracious to me and you who need HIM every moment, like me.
I praise GOD for WHO HE IS. Our Divine Healer.Our Loving Heavenly Father.

I have written this for those like me, who want to find the heart of GOD amidst the questions. I am writing this for those who are weary and heavy-laden with worries and pain and other ills,it is for this exact reason CHRIST came,to give perfect health,peace,physical healing,miraculous answers to prayers,provisions,Divine protection.All that define abundant life.
If you want to know JESUS,you can accept HIM into your heart in prayer.
And you and I will Surely,Always find HIM in All HIS Glory,through JESUS' shed Blood. Praise The LORD In JESUS' Name Amen.

HE Who did not spare HIS Own SON but gave HIM up for us all, how will HE not also,along with HIM, freely give us all things (everything)?
Romans 8:32

Amazing LOVE. Amazing GOD!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

God Answers! Merry Christmas!

Upon a hospital check-up and seeing sick elderly men on wheelchair with long but hypnotized blank faces,and next to them ,a middle-aged pregnant woman calmly conversing with the vibrant lady cardiologist in her 60s who seems to be more enthusiastic about the baby,than the mon herself
A curiosity came to me as I witnessed this scenario.Does the love of GOD,grow less as we age,compared to the much-awaited and loved unborn baby inside this mother's womb? We generally love babies,I think because they're void of pride,envy and vanity and the like. There's just the Creator's full and endless potential waiting to be written in their new and fresh life. Obviously, GOD's incomprehensible love never varies depending on the person's color,age or substance. HE only sees HIS children;as my JESUS has proclaimed "How Often I have longed to gather you .. as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings." Matt. 23:37
Much like a mother delights a ton in cuddling passionately with her children.Even today,and every time  a question comes to mind,as sure as the rising of the sun,HIS answer will always come.We only have to shut away the distractions of the world,for HIS Still,Small Voice to be heard louder in our hearts.Like the morning,after my prayer,a time that I spend trying to know more intimately This GOD Who gave HIS Only Begotten SON to die and pay my sin-debt.HE knows this desire,and sure enough,HIS answer didn't disappoint. After taking my daughter to school and was headed for the day's errands,I dropped by a coffee-bar for a cappuccino and I was amazed that a hip bar-lounge that hosts mainly liquor-based drinks to younger Italian clientele,would play a youth-oriented evangelical Christian music. GOD played the song "How HE loves us" for me,yes,as I ordered cappuccino.Followed by "Amazing Grace:Broken Vessels". To this, I expressed my delight to the beautiful bartender and told her this is my morning routine music.Then she called her cute co-worker who eventually asked about the church I'm attending,the area and the exact address,it's just good that I always have on-hand our Pastors' 'business cards' for eventualities like this. So I handed it to him and even without invitation,he smilingly volunteered to come. He's into rap music. So,way to go for young gen Christians! After this, I proceeded to a branch of a major Italian chain of department stores OVS to buy a shirt for my daughter, and guess what they're playing? "JESUS" and "Christmas". They also play Christian evangelical songs in their other main downtown branches. Lastly,this same day GOD showed me a purely white dove,but I wasn't able to snap its photo as I was on a packed running bus.
As it is,in the first and original language that GOD used to talk to man,which is Hebrew,there's no such thing as a 'coincidence'. And surely,all these GODwinks don't identify as so.
GOD Answers whatever you want to ask HIM because HE loves you and This Sure,and Everlasting Love has no less than JESUS' Holy Blood as The Seal of Guarantee.You can,not only take it to the bank,but much more than that,you can take it to GOD and heaven. Merry Christmas my friend and that GOD's tangible love be constantly strong in you;the essence of Christmas.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mission Sunday at ICF Rome

 With visiting Pastors Bill&Marilyn Leach.

I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go to the house of The LORD!"     Psalm 122:1

Today at ICF (International Christian Fellowship) Rome, we had a spectacular service led by the visiting Pastor Bill Leach, who highlighted even more and once again the unbelievably Immense but condescending Love of our Lord JESUS towards us HIS Creation,HIS children. He began with a true story of Lt. John Blanchard, who fell in-love with the soft handwriting on the margins of a book he was reading in a Florida library, which to him,reflected an insightful,passionate soul. He traced the owner of the  handwriting from the book cover and wrote to her inviting her to correspond. The next day Lt. John Blanchard was assigned to Europe to serve in Word War II. The next months served as seeds of correspondence between the two;eventually Lt. John asked for her photograph which she declined, claiming, that if he really cared for her,that her looks shouldn't matter. The time came for them to meet,they set their meeting at  Grand Central Station, 7pm New York city. Lt. Blanchard asked how he could recognize her; she replied she would be wearing a red rose on her clothes lapel.At 7pm,Lt. John Blanchard was punctual to meet the girl whose heart he loved,but whose face he'd never seen. In his own words; "A young woman was coming towards me,tall,slim and beautiful.Her long blonde hair laid back in curls from her delicate ears."It's just that,the girl wasn't wearing a red rose on her lapel. But directly behind her was a fat, grey-haired woman well over forty,whose thick ankles tucked tightly onto her low heel shoes.She had the red rose on her lapel.He was very attracted with the first, tall and slim lady before her,but he thought he had in front of him a woman whose words and heart he loved,and with whom he hoped to build a beautiful long-lasting friendship. With a soldier's resolute,he snapped a salute to the plump lady and with feelings of disappointment, he invited her to dinner. Then this grey-haired woman told him smilingly; "Young man, I don't know what this is about. But the young lady before me asked me to wear this red rose on my coat. And told me that if you asked me for dinner,to tell you she was the one and would be waiting for you at the restaurant across the street."

And yet another story of St. Francis of Assisi who turned his back on riches and lived a simple life. One particular occasion, St. Francis saw a leper on the street and he tried to walk past him, then he paused and walked back to where the leper was and embraced him. As he continued ahead, he paused and looked back and saw no one. And he interpreted this as Jesus, taking the form of a leper. 

Pastor Bill Leach tied this two true stories to today's verses in Matt. 25:35 
When I was hungry you fed me, when I was thirsty you gave me something to drink,when I was a stranger you invited me in.   

What struck my heart the strongest,is seeing the pure,powerfully immense love of our Lord JESUS for the least and the poorest, the leper outcast from society, from his loved ones, from his family, maybe his children and wife . .  .. for the longest time this leper lived alone, his numb flesh slowly chipping away parts of his body. Alone, sick and lonely, away from everybody. Then this leper heard about JESUS,that HE is Someone who heals the sick, Someone who did and does many amazing miracles! And just so,  hope lit up in his heart. He came to my JESUS and begged him 
"Lord, If YOU are willing, YOU can make me clean." Then JESUS moved with compassion, stretched out HIS Hand,and touched him and said to him, "I AM willing; be cleansed." As soon as HE had spoken,the leprosy left him and he was cleansed.     Mark 1:40-42

What Immense condescending love, JESUS didn't heal from afar, or only by merely speaking, HE stretched out HIS hand, HE touched the leper!  How can you not fall in-love with our Loving Healer?
So much for today, I can go on and on expounding on HIS Love for you, also. But I can't fall in-love with JESUS, in your behalf,in much the same sense that I can't believe GOD for you. YOU MUST know how much GOD loves you. It is a matter of everlasting importance for GOD, that HE sent HIS Only Begotten SON to earth to die,and pay humanity's sin-debt.

You can pray the sinner's prayer to accept HIM into your heart. This is where your new life (born-again) starts. GOD BLESS Tremendously brothers and sisters!

Friday, November 11, 2016


Just texted my student that I couldn't make it on time,while thankfully savouring (or more appropriately, 'devouring') the fried bream fish,for lunch. I stood up as soon as I mouthed down the last spoonful,somehow hoping against the odds, to contradict my prior text. Then, at 90 or a hundred meters away, as I approached the tram that will take me to my destination,somehow I have given up on the idea of being able to catch the tram,because it meant subjecting my 'full' tummy to stress,what's more I'm carrying an extra load/bag of lesson materials.
Then,the tram didn't move even after, one minute, then as if to further seduce me, about halfway the distance, the traffic light turned green for pedestrians, although it seemed the tram was already full. I rushed to get into it, almost convinced that there wouldn't be a vacant seat- given the fact the it was already in 'standing ovation'. Yet strangely enough,there was a vacant seat as if it was 'exclusively reserved ' I took it . But, my GOD IS GREAT, my GOD IS SWEET! I made it to my lesson on-time,after all. And guess what, my student paid me (the monthly due,as some other students, also) more than what was due. How else would or could I interpret all these? Clearly, it is my GOD's language of communication through my circumstances, out of HIS heart overflowing with Grace. Thank YOU very much LORD in JESUS name Amen! Praise The LORD !

Sunday, October 30, 2016


International Christian Fellowship Rome  -
This morning at 7:50 Rome has been rocked by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake, which is stronger than the one, 4 days ago.thankfully there were no mortalities,but some injured people. However that didn't stop people from attending ICF-Rome which was packed today.

Today's message by our Pastor Rick Pasquale, has been a compelling drive for Christians to use the power of and in the WORD Spoken by GOD HIMSELF. Today's earthquake has been a foretaste of an unseen power  (much like that of an electricity or signal reception/frequency) that translates to physical movement whether negative (as this earthquake) or positive such as that of electricity.
First off, let nobody claim that an earthquake or tsunami or natural calamities are acts of God. The Bible declares that;  The thief(devil) comes not but for to steal, kill and to destroy.
I(JESUS) have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.  John 10:10
 Let this be very clear in our minds.

The Bible verse cited  today is Mark 11:23 "For verily I say to you,That whosoever shall say to this mountain,be thou removed,and be cast thou cast into the sea;and shall not doubt in his heart,but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass;he shall have whatsoever he says."

And that there is incredible power in the WORD of GOD, I believe.As it says in Hebrews 4:12

For The WORD of GOD is Alive and Active,sharper than any double-edged sword,it penetrates even to the dividing soul and spirit,joints and marrow;it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

So the same power that created all the wonders we experience,the nature,cosmos,stars and planets  . ..HE does not 'talk' by means of an earthquake although HIS power exceeds all. Just imagine,if you are a mortal human parent, no sane or loving parent would subject his child/children to extreme terror just to catch his/her attention or teach him/her a lesson? In as much as a loving parent can only serve to give their children the best of care, what more with our Ever-Loving FATHER WHO sent HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, our LORD JESUS to die to redeem us from sin?

As it is,This Power is ever relevant and needful to our life today and while here on earth. In heaven there will be no more battles, no struggles, no warfare,no more failures and pain  . . ..we need this Power (made available by JESUS' Authority Legally delegated to HIS followers and believers by the Token Divine 'receipt' in and through HIS sinless Blood.) here and now, because our adversary.the enemy of our souls, is an evil spirit, therefore our weapon is also spiritual, in JESUS. There are seen/unseen angels who help us in our everyday walk,to overcome the challenges each day may present.

How? Well, the key was given by JESUS,SPEAK TO YOUR MOUNTAIN ABOUT HOW BIG OUR GOD IS. RECITE GOD'S OWN WORDS INTO YOUR DAY.EVERYDAY.BECAUSE WE LIVE ON A PER-DAY BASIS. JESUS DID HIS WORK ON EARTH BY DECLARING HEALING, PEACE VICTORY AND GOD'S POWERFUL LOVE.If we can believe the bank that promises to transfer into our savings account a huge sum of money. Much more, we can Trust This GOD IN WHOSE WORDS ALONE, HANG ALL THE UNIVERSES AND CREATIONS,IN JESUS.So in ending, I would remind you to remember today's verse; Mark 11:23. And GOD BLESS us all,Tremendously in JESUS name Amen!